Cancer Articles for Caregivers

  • Laundry Night

    Laundry Night

    “I had a dream last night about water,” my mother says as we dice cantaloupe and brew our morning coffee. “I woke up with wet sheets.” more

    12:00 PM


  • Caregiving through a Doctor’s Eyes

    Photographer: James Gathany

    Caregiving through a Doctor’s Eyes

    Caregiving is universal. It knows no boundaries of age, race, religion, profession or economic status. Caregiving will touch all of our lives at some point along the way. more

    9:34 AM


  • The New Normal

    The New Normal Versus A New Beginning

    How many times in your caregiving have you heard the words “New Normal”? I myself have used the term in talking to others and at our cancer caregiver meetings. more

    3:05 PM


  • Nice Touch

    A Nice Touch

    The day began ominously enough.  Low clouds, shrouded in mourning colors, hung heavily in the sky, threatening to weep during the class at the Botanical Gardens. more

    8:22 AM



  • stress reduction

    Stress Reduction Strategies

    Because caregiving is such a universal task, faced by nearly all of us at one time or another, I hope you find these strategies helpful. more

    6:52 PM


  • Hospice a Good Thing?

    How is Hospice a Good Thing?

    “How is Hospice a good thing?” a prospective client had asked me. more

    9:14 AM


  • Pain Management

    Effective Pain Management

    Effective pain control improves the individual’s state of mind and ability to move through the healing process. There are a variety of options for pain control and doctors work toward addressing side effects that can occur with pain medications. more

    2:18 PM


  • Only Child Caregiver

    The Only Child Caregiver’s Career

    I am one among millions of statistically likely only-child caregivers working on my own to provide care within the caregiving community. more

    5:04 PM



  • Breast Cancer Awareness

    Resources for Breast Cancer Awareness

    October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. We offer these helpful breast cancer resources to help you. more

    11:55 PM


  • Year of Alzheimer's

    A Year of Alzheimer's

    “It’s a Puh.. Puh… Puh… word.”  I desperately explained to my husband. He turned his head away from me and walked into the other room. I stood there alone, bereft, defeated, feeling the tears burn through my embarrassment and frustration. more

    5:13 PM


  • 8728085_web.jpg

    Keeping Safe at Home with Chemotherapy

    As more and more chemotherapy is given in outpatient clinics and at home, it is extremely important that caregivers and patients understand the risks and hazards that household members may be exposed to. more

    1:57 PM


  • Fran Drescher

    An Interview with Fran Drescher

    Fran Drescher is a patient advocate for people with cancer. Editor-in-Chief Gary Barg spoke candidly with Fran about cancer and caregiver advocacy. more

    2:05 PM


  • Terminal Diagnosis

    A Terminal Diagnosis Does Not Terminate Living

    Tips for Injecting Living into Dying Every day a daughter or son somewhere, or a sister or brother or parent, gets the news that a cherished loved one has been diagnosed with a terminal disease. more

    4:48 PM


  • Lung Cancer Care

    Lung Cancer Care

    Coping with the diagnosis of cancer is only the beginning of the journey. The entire process of diagnosis, treatment and changes in lifestyle are day by day hurdles for both caregiver and loved one. more

    4:57 PM


  • helping eat

    Nine Ways to Get Someone to Eat

    A common nutritional problem that can affect someone in poor health is wasting or loss of body mass called cachexia-anorexia. It often is seen in advanced stages of Alzheimer’s and cancer. more

    4:42 PM


  • Spouse with Cancer

    5 Lessons on Dealing with a Spouse with Cancer

    While my husband David did not die from his cancer, his diagnosis did introduce the stark reality of what could happen. more

    4:21 PM


  • When Your Caregiving Days Are Over

    I am a facilitator of a Cancer Caregiver Support Group in Ohio. We have monthly meetings at two different facilities in two different counties on the second Tuesday and second Wednesday of the month. more

    12:53 PM


  • Caregiving by Men

    Caregiving by Men: A Husband's Perspective

    The formal diagnosis of ovarian cancer was confirmed after seven hours of surgery at Boston’s Brigham and Women’s Hospital. more

    2:00 AM



  • Trouble with Hope

    The Trouble with Hope

    I had a strained relationship with hope before my wife was diagnosed with cancer. more

    11:14 AM



  • Cancer Caregiver

    Recovery Room Kit

    If someone you love will be undergoing major surgery, it might be helpful to have your own survival kit. more

    10:59 AM


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