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    I sit across the hall from my mother-in-law, Virginia, who is emitting 13.9 millirems of radiation. I have to shout when I speak with her because of the metal barrier that separates us. Read more


  • ovarian cancer caregiving

    Ovarian Cancer Caregiving

    An estimated 19,710 Americans will be diagnosed with ovarian cancer in 2023 – barring a big breakthrough, only half will be alive in 5 years Read more

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  • Cancer Caregiver

    Recovery Room Kit

    A few years ago, my mom underwent major surgery to remove a brain tumor. The day of her surgery felt like the longest day of my life. Because she didn’t have any family members in the area, I was going to be her primary caregiver. Read more



  • Year of Alzheimer's

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    A Year of Alzheimer's

    “It’s a Puh.. Puh… Puh… word.”  I desperately explained to my husband. He turned his head away from me and walked into the other room. I stood there alone, bereft, defeated, feeling the tears burn through my embarrassment and frustration. Read more


  • after caregiving

    Cathy Yeulet

    When Your Caregiving Days Are Over

    I am a facilitator of a Cancer Caregiver Support Group in Ohio. In the course of our meetings, several topics surface. One that got my attention most recently was: How a caregiver moves on once their caregiving days are done. Read more


  • Risk of Infection During Chemotherapy

    Understanding Infection Risk During Chemotherapy

    People receiving chemotherapy may be at risk for getting infections. You are likely to be at higher risk between seven and 12 days after you have received each chemotherapy treatment Read more



  • Nice Touch

    A Nice Touch

    The day began ominously enough.  Low clouds, shrouded in mourning colors, hung heavily in the sky, threatening to weep during the class at the Botanical Gardens. Read more


  • Art Cancer Caregiving

    Akhararat _Wathanasing

    The Art of Cancer Caregiving

    A cancer diagnosis is incredibly stressful for the person receiving the diagnosis. But those caring for the patient, both informally and formally, also experience stress, which can affect their own health and the patient’s outcome. Read more


  • comfort zones

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    Comfort Zones Are Overrated

    It’s all my husband’s fault. Because of his cancer diagnosis, I’ve had to take up hiking tall mountains, eating more nutritiously and stepping outside my comfort zone. Read more


  • cancer caregiver sleep

    Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

    Cancer Caregivers: Their Worries and Sleep Problems

    A loved one’s cancer diagnosis is life-changing, for them and for you. Even when you’re willing and able to become the primary caregiver, the reality is that the demands of caregiving can have a profound effect on your health. Read more


  • changing room

    The Changing Room: A Caregiver’s Lament

    It was just one more day where I sat and stared at the non-descript gray sign that read 'Women's Changing Room." There were some days when I imagined I was sitting in the locker room of a fancy golf club. Read more

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  • Trouble with Hope

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    The Trouble with Hope

    I had a strained relationship with hope before my wife was diagnosed with cancer. To me, hope was a high waiting for a low, a fix with a nasty flip-side. Read more



  • Open Homes Medical Stays

    Open Homes Medical Stays

    The Bone Marrow & Cancer Foundation’s Open Homes Medical Stays program provides free temporary accommodations to patients diagnosed with any form of cancer or undergoing a hematopoietic stem cell transplant, as well a Read more


  • Spouse with Cancer

    5 Lessons on Dealing with a Spouse with Cancer

    While my husband David did not die from his cancer, his diagnosis did introduce the stark reality of what could happen. Read more



  • melanoma risk factors

    Melanoma Risk Factors

    If someone you know or a family member is diagnosed with melanoma, the most dangerous type of skin cancer, you might wonder if you are at risk as well. Melanoma is when skin cells called melanocytes grow out of control and become cancerous. Read more


  • Sun Protection

    Sun Protection More Important Than Ever

    In a recent survey of more than 1,000 U.S. adults, the American Academy of Dermatology found that while respondents gave themselves high ratings for sun protection and most reported that sun protection is more important to them now than... Read more


  • Bill and Kim Cunnea

    Why Do We Attend Support Groups?

    Especially after having gone through a life-threating illness? Do we want reminders of what may have been a difficult time for us? Apparently, we do. Read more


  • Caregiving through a Doctor’s Eyes

    James Gathany

    Caregiving through a Doctor’s Eyes

    Caregiving is universal. It knows no boundaries of age, race, religion, profession or economic status. Caregiving will touch all of our lives at some point along the way. Read more



  • Breast Cancer Awareness

    Resources for Breast Cancer Awareness

    October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Here are some helpful breast cancer resources to help you. Read more


  • Only Child Caregiver

    The Only Child Caregiver’s Career

    I am one among millions of statistically likely only-child caregivers working on my own to provide care within the caregiving community. Read more



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