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  • who cares

    Who Cares

    When Emily Kenway became the primary caregiver for her terminally ill mother, her life was changed forever. Millions of caregivers all around the world are silently suffering from poverty, isolation, and burnout. Read more

  • Dementia Prevention

    Dementia Prevention

    Want to cut your dementia risk in half? This book represents 45 years of clinical practice and research by a physician and neuropsychologist couple who cared for their parents with dementia Read more

  • Yours Truly

    Yours Truly

    Yours Truly is a guide to making sure your story is told the way you want - and how the process of preparing your own life story can help you live a better life. Read more

  • Brain Under Sige

    The Brain Under Siege

    1 in 6 people suffer from brain diseases like MS, Parkinson’s, and Alzheimer’s. And because the brain controls so much and is integral to our identity, the diseases that affect it are uniquely devastating both to patients and caregivers. Read more

  • Busy Caregiver's Guide

    The Busy Caregiver’s Guide to Advanced Alzheimer Disease

    In The Busy Caregiver's Guide to Advanced Alzheimer Disease, Dr. Jennifer Stelter shares a new model designed to help caregivers understand, ... Read more

  • Communication Problems Book

    Communication Problems from Brain Injury or Disease

    An all-in-one guide for helping caregivers of individuals with brain injury or degenerative disease to address speech, language... Read more

  • The Gap Between

    The Gap Between

    Detailing her first-hand experience caring for a parent with Alzheimer’s, author Mary Moreland translates her most painful journey into help for other families facing the devastating illness. Read more

  • stronger than cover

    We're Stronger Than We Look

    Caregiver, are you overwhelmed? Do you secretly (or not so secretly) have bouts of despair, bitterness, and even hopelessness? Read more

  • WinterStars-Cover.png

    Winter Stars

    Journalist Dave Iverson's story of what happened when he moved in to care for his 95-year-old mom. Read more

  • Virtual healing

    Your Guide to a Safe and Swift Hospital Stay

    You just received a text: your loved one is in the hospital.  With coronavirus rampant, the hectic hospital circumstances are real Read more

  • Healthy Dad Sick Dad

    Healthy Dad Sick Dad

    In Healthy Dad, Sick Dad, Dr. Glen N. Robison shares his personal journey with two very similar fathers who's aging stories were drastically different. Read more

  • It's About Time

    It's About Time!

    In It's About Time, David Smith chronicles his thirty-plus-year journey in senior living. Read more

  • The Thin Ledge

    The Thin Ledge

    In this profoundly honest memoir, Daniel Shapiro shares the reality of the fifteen years he spent living and caring for his wife while also single handedly raising their three young children. Read more

  • Senior Care by Design

    Senior Care By Design

    Senior Care By Design, the Better Alternative to Institutional Assisted Living & Memory Care, takes readers on a journey from understanding to opportunity. Read more

  • Amazing Grace

    Amazing Grace

    A Father’s Lost Letters and Teachings. A Daughter’s Rediscovered Christian Faith. Read more

  • The Caregiver's Companion

    The Caregiver's Companion

    Everything you need to know to ensure that your elderly loved one is being properly cared for. Read more

  • Mom's Gone Missing

    Mom’s Gone Missing

    Mom’s Gone Missing is not a how-to book.  It’s a here’s-what-unfolded book, a daughter’s experience with a father’s decade-long Alzheimer’s journey and a mother’s lightning fast dementia decline and both of their deaths. Read more

  • Sudden Caregiver

    The Sudden Caregiver

    The Sudden Caregiver: A Roadmap for Resilient Caregiving is a practical and proven guide, a roadmap, and a source of comfort for anyone who is caring for a loved one, Read more

  • Falling Through the Cracks: An insider's guide to how the US healthcare system will cripple you.

    Falling Through the Cracks

    Navigating hospitals and rehab settings can be tricky and downright dangerous. But maintaining function is vital for health. Read more

  • When Caregiving Calls

    When Caregiving Calls

    Caring for a parent, spouse, or relative who cannot care for themselves due to age, infirmity, or illness is one of the noblest human activities. It’s also one of the most stressful... Read more

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