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  • When Caregiving Calls

    When Caregiving Calls

    Caring for a parent, spouse, or relative who cannot care for themselves due to age, infirmity, or illness is one of the noblest human activities. It’s also one of the most stressful... Read more

  • Plan for Aging Well

    Plan for Aging Well

    We are doing aging wrong. Our medical and healthcare systems are reactive, not proactive, and emphasize interventions that treat only our body. But we are more than just our bodies... Read more

  • A Guide for Caregiving: What's Next?

    A Guide for Caregiving: What's Next

    As baby boomers care for their aging parents and set their own long-term goals, many are faced with caregiving for the first time. Author, Tina M. Marreli offers support and information,,, Read more

  • When Family Calls

    When Family Calls

    Caroline H. Sheppard shares her story with lessons learned and how she was called to oversee the care of five different family members over a fifteen year period from afar. Read more

  • Caregiver Success

    Caregiver Success

    "Caregiver Success" is a 365-page how-to picture book filled with practical tips and medical tools created by an experienced home care nurse practitioner. Read more

  • Home Health Aide Guidelines for Care

    Home Health Aide: Guidelines for Care

    The population is aging, fast. According to the Pew Research Center, over 10,000 people per day turn 65. As more older adults remain at home or other home-like settings, the need for competent and compassionate aides has never been greater. Read more

  • Forget Remember

    Forget "Remember"

    Forget “Remember”, is for the care provider of someone living with dementia.  This book is focused on maintaining the Quality of Life, an optimistic and loving support style, and a focus on respecting the dignity of their patient. Read more

  • I'll Have it Mya Way

    I'll Have It My Way

    Healthcare in America is not healthcare it is a $3.5 trillion industry where the legacy players--hospitals, physician groups, BigPharma and insurance companies... Read more

  • I'll Have It God's Way

    I'll Have It God's Way

    The I’ll Have It God’s Way six-session Bible study is designed to be used with a small group. However, you can use it personally or engage your family as a group. Read more

  • What does it feel like to die

    What Does It Feel Like to Die?

    An essential roadmap for helping the dying cope, and the tools for understanding and compassion. A reflective, even counterintuitive look at the journey at life’s end. Read more

  • medical-mayhem

    Surviving Medical Mayhem – Laughing When It Hurts

    Are you facing a medical challenge – or know someone who is?  Do you find yourself staring at a diagnosis you don’t want to hear?  What do you do? Read more

  • In the Lingering Light

    In the Lingering Light

    In the Lingering Light is a valuable field guide for Alzheimer’s caregivers, written by one who has gone before you. Cynthia Fantasia packs courage and faith to help sustain you on the uncertain road ahead. Read more

  • Contemplative Caregiving-sm

    Contemplative Caregiving

    Contemplative Caregiving is an indispensable guide for end-of-life caregivers and for anyone seeking to transform experiences of caregiving and grief. Read more

  • The Soul of Caregiving

    The Soul of Caregiving

    Who are the caregivers? We all are, for at the heart of being human is the capacity to care, to reach out to others and explore the relationships we build. The Soul of Caregiving is about us Read more


  • Do You Have What It Takes?

    Do You Have What It Takes?

    Do You Have What It Takes? contains the real-life experiences of hands-on caregivers, who generously shared their stories with the author when they saw the value in making a workbook such as this available. Read more


  • Soul Support

    Soul Support

    Soul Support: Spiritual Encounters at Life’s End, an enthralling new memoir by hospital chaplain Joan Maxwell, offers comfort and encouragement to caregivers confronting the life-threatening illness of a loved one. Read more

  • Specturm of Hope

    The Spectrum of Hope

    The Spectrum of Hope offers practical advice, wisdom, and real hope. Here are chapters on how to maintain independence and dignity; how to fight depression, anxiety, and apathy; how to communicate effectively with a person suffering from dementia. Read more

  • It Takes Courage Caregiver

    It Takes Courage to be a Caregiver

    "Be the voice for those who have no voice!" Cheryl is a Caregiver from her early years watching as one grandparent, her parents and her son had cerebral palsy. Read more


  • Ultimate Compassionate Guide Caregiving

    The Ultimate Compassionate Guide to Caregiving

    In The Ultimate Compassionate Guide to Caregiving, I establish a connection. With our poor caregiving system and lack of training for caregivers. Read more

  • Just in Time

    Just In Time

    In Just In Time, Joan Jackson offers a riveting fictionalized account of the day-to-day roller-coaster of caring for her schizophrenic brother for over 20 years. An extraordinary look at schizophrenia from the inside. Read more

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