• An Anchor or a Sail

    Let us hold hands as we let go As we let go, as we let go Of whom you once were Of whom I once was Read more

    Jun 9, 2021

  • Mornings At My House

    Day after day I sit looking out the window waiting……waiting…… for you to awaken Read more

    Mar 18, 2021


  • The Spoon In My Purse

    Poised in wheelchair fortress, Her hovering hands tremor, Seeking precise location For every stainless treasure - Read more

    Feb 18, 2021

  • Caregivers Need Care Too

    I am brought back to a memory so very long ago. You loved me and I loved you; that’s all we needed to know! Read more

    Nov 23, 2020


  • Empathetic Sadness

    You are my soulmate and we are one Your mind is changing and I feel glum My heart is wounded as is my soul I didn’t expect this while growing old! Read more

    Nov 18, 2020


  • The Power of Prayer

    To you who shared this journey with B and me – Who delivered care with gentle, open hearts. Read more

    Jul 27, 2020


  • Losses

    Given a choice, I would hold fast to you --- would stop the slow erosion of our lives. It isn't fair that we who've loved so long should be the losers, even though we love. Read more

    May 28, 2020



    Why is this happening to me? Do you remember who I was before? Where did yesterday go when life was so full and rich with meaning? Read more

    May 21, 2020

  • It’s you

    You walk into the room with a sense of familiarity, as though you know me, as though you’ve been here before. Who are you?  This person that feels comfortable in a seemingly strange place. Are you someone I should know? Read more

    May 14, 2020

  • Roses are Blooming

    Roses are blooming everywhere There are beautiful gardens, golden stairs Trees of every sort and design All that you ever wanted you find Read more

    Apr 30, 2020

  • Living with Fear

    You cried tonight, it hurt me so, It hurt to watch,your tears flow. I felt your pain and frustration, As I saw you sinking, into depression. Read more

    Apr 23, 2020


  • VOICE OF A CAREGIVER (An Acrostic Poem)

    C          Connecting with you is difficult and painful because you no longer recognize me.  A         Able to match pieces of the past to the present to help us understand.                        R         Realizing that none of this is your fault Read more

    Apr 9, 2020

  • What She'd Like to Say to her Daughter

    It is out of compassion that I go, Yet a role delegated by marriage. Committed to another’s well being, Oblivious of the coming disparage. Read more

    Dec 18, 2019

  • Band of Brothers

    Men gather ‘round the table, coffee cups in hand; each wearing symbols of wars gone by. Military experiences shared; Read more

    Nov 6, 2019


  • Last Dance

    She lies on the couch, pain showing in her eyes, her weakened body tense. Read more

    Aug 30, 2019

  • Jane

    Living with a person who has dementia Is like dealing with someone in absentia. She is not the girl you used to know; Not the same personality - oh no! Read more

    Aug 14, 2019

  • Dignity

    They raised us and taught the way. Now so many fade into a hazy day. Memories of days gone pass. Fighting the pain which forever last. Read more

    Jul 25, 2019

  • Special People

    I think there will be a special place in heaven for caregivers. You who have loaded wheelchairs into cars or vans or cut up food and gently placed it into your mate’s mouth, or emptied bladder bags or positioned sleep machines. Read more

    Jul 11, 2019

  • Joan

    You sat in your wheelchair too weak to care about life’s swirl today. Ennui or malaise don’t quite describe what I see in your face, your eyes. Read more

    Jul 10, 2019

  • Losing yourself while caregiving

    I lost myself... Once there was a women that had no worries in the world Life was once a bowl of cherries for her Her only worries were her child's activates and what fun events were in store for the weekend Read more

    Jul 1, 2019