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  • When the Question is the Answer

    Question: what is the most important skill you need as a fearless and formidable caregiver?  I know some will say it is the ability to communicate your needs with your loved ones, and honestly – that’s a good answer. But that’s not it. Read more

  • On Being Caregiver Friendly

    We are celebrating eighteen years of honoring inventors, designers, tinkerers, writers, creators and companies who are working tirelessly on behalf of family caregivers with a call for entries. Read more

  • Scene From a Doctor's Office

    In a recent visit to a physician’s office, I heard the following conversation transpire between an elderly couple. The husband was a new patient and seemingly hard of hearing, Read more


  • A Puzzlement, Indeed

    Play is serious work.  We work hard to make sure our kids have the right play toys to help them learn skills that match their age and abilities. These include hand-eye coordination games Read more


  • Here's to a Healthy 2020

    In my younger days, early January always  reminded me of early September, mostly because both months signified new beginnings. January, of course, signified the hopes associated with the  turn of the calendar.. Read more


  • Ten Caregiver Wishes for 2020

    Wishing for kinder and gentler days — Wishing for understanding of our caregiver ways — Wishing for support to arrive at our doors — Wishing for respect for our caregiving chores — Read more

  • A Caregivers Christmas

    'Twas the night before Christmas, When all through the house A caregiver was scurrying, Caring for her dear spouse Read more


  • The Difference is You

    As the height of the holiday season rapidly approaches, I start to think about one of my all-time favorite holiday movies “It’s a Wonderful Life.” Read more

  • The Meaning of Words

    One of the (and there are oh so many), challenges we face as family caregivers is that many of the most important resources at our disposal as we care for our loved ones have unfamiliar and difficult names. Read more


  • Give Yourself a Break, Right Now

    Doctor appointments that must be scheduled; the constant care and attention your love done needs, both physically and emotionally; the back and forth to grocery stores, drug stores, physical therapy sessions and,... Read more


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