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  • Malinformation

    At a recent caregiving conference where I was serving as keynote speaker, a member of an expert question and answer panel which was about to commence approached me with a worried look on her face. more

  • All Together Now

    I’d like to address the healthcare professionals who are reading this column…(family caregivers, close your eyes). Please, remember that you have a real partner in care more


  • You Are Not Alone

    About ten years ago, we were joined by the late and truly great Ms. Della Reese at some of our Fearless Caregiver Conferences. more


  • The Caregiver Checklist

    I stood in the hospital emergency room with my mother, the ER doctor and the social worker. My mother and I had just brought my 91-year-old grandfather in a few hours earlier. more

  • Caveat Caregiver

    This holiday season can also be a time to be a loving (but slightly nosey) detective. If you are traveling to visit your loved ones who may be in need of care, the holidays afford an ideal time to assess any changes in their health and well-being. more

  • Coffee Talk

    I received a call recently from a dear friend and a true Fearless Caregiver. She wanted to meet for coffee as soon as possible. more


  • The Boomer's Lament

    Speak up when we complain about how hard it is for Mom to hear; after years at the disco, no sound is too clear. more

  • Three Score and Two Years Ago

    Three score and two years ago Due to the potential fire hazard, the fire department has refused a permit for my birthday cake today. more


  • That Vexing Driving Issue

    about - Driving. I know that mobility has many meanings to family caregivers, wheelchairs and walkers first come to mind. more


  • Break The Glass

    I've had many conversations recently about what it takes to become a "successful caregiver." more


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