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  • Ho, Ho, Home for the Holidays

    Believe it or not we have just entered the holiday zone and these joyous season preparations can be somewhat (or much) more complicated once we become caregivers. So for the next few weeks, we will be presenting you with some helpful hints ... Read more


  • Caregiving is a Four Letter Word

    You wouldn’t think it would have to take an Einstein to figure out which four letter word best personifies the act of caring for a loved one. There are so many of these words to choose from and depending upon the how the day is going, Read more


  • Once Again in the Holiday Zone

    As we enter the 2021 holiday zone and possibly the first one in the past two years in which families will be reconnecting in person, the joyous season preparations can be somewhat (or much) more complicated than ever before as family caregivers. Read more


  • The Caregiver War

    This month we celebrate Veteran's Day in these United States. It is so very fitting that this holiday falls within National Family Caregivers Month. Read more


  • A Halloween Ode to Caregiving

    Sung to The Addams Family theme music They creep around your house, Ask questions of your spouse, All your plans up they will louse, Your Visiting Family. Read more


  • “Oh, the people we’ll meet.”

    On October 20th 1995, I picked up the receiver of a telephone which was attached by a phone cord to the wall to call a number in Atlanta, GA in order to reserve the website address of our new  caregiving community Read more

  • 88 Plus One

    My dad retired in 1990 at the age of 61, within months was diagnosed with bone marrow cancer and passed away 30 years ago this very month. Upon his retirement and before the diagnosis he and my mom... Read more


  • Caring is Sharing

    Next  Thursday,  we host the 294th in-person or Virtual Fearless Caregiver Conferences held in over 26 years.  In our expert panels at the upcoming event will be a doctor, elder care attorney, veterans administration caregiver coordinator... Read more

  • Dad at 30

    This coming Monday marks the 30th anniversary of my father's passing. He retired in 1990, developed bone marrow cancer and passed away a year later. I was grateful that I could be with him by his bedside when he passed. Read more


  • Embracing Change

    There are so many things in which we caregivers can find commonality with one another: stress, fear, pain, love, determination and even prayer.  I’d like to discuss another aspect of caregiving that doesn’t generally receive enough attention... Read more


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