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  • Honoring the Ultimate Volunteer

    I have always believed that all family caregivers are volunteers (by definition) and all volunteers are caregivers (by definition and deeds). Both groups share the qualities of loving, caring, giving their all and putting themselves out for others... Read more

  • Caregiver Curmudgeon: Homecare Edition

    According to the American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, there are two definitions for the word cur•mudg•eon. The first one being: An ill-tempered person full of resentment and stubborn notions. Or, my personal favorite: A crusty... Read more


  • When Credit is Due

    We all have stories about health care professionals who really understand and always go the extra mile for family caregivers. Take this little test to confirm what I’ve found over these past 30 years. Ask them (if you haven’t already) if they are... Read more

  • After The Storm Passes

    The days after any storm are when so many lives are lost, so I ask our friends in the areas affected by Hurricane Ian to remain vigilant and safe. As I write this column, millions of people along the west coast of Florida are actually “directly in... Read more

  • When in Doubt: Ask a Caregiver

    In last week’s newsletter, I shared a concern that a caregiver shared with me. A concern which I think all of us have faced at one point or another. Read more

  • And the Winners Are...

    What do smart fall detectors, virtual futures, terrific books and mobility innovations all have in common? These are descriptions of some of our 2023 Today's Caregiver Friendly Award winners. They also represent thousands of hours of loving labor... Read more

  • Playing Stump the Panel

    I have always been astounded at the quality of advice, interactions and heartfelt emotions shared by the family caregivers in attendance at the 305 Fearless Caregiver Conference we’ve hosted since 1998. Read more


  • The Value of Thrown Questions

    Regular readers of Today’s Caregiver magazine and have heard me discuss the concept of "malinformation" over the past 28years. Malinformation occurs when what you think you know about a subject is not only wrong... Read more

  • Fifty Things I Love

    Allow me to share my favorite things with my favorite people: 1. Making babies smile 2. The breathtaking feeling of creating something original 3. Honest conversation 4. Ecstatically funny conversation Read more

  • Emotional Reframing

    I had lunch recently (see, they do let me out of the office for reasons other than events, every once and a while) with an extremely interesting new friend who is a member of the clergy. We spoke about the upcoming Fearless Caregiver Conferences... Read more

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