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  • Detective Caregiver

    Now that summer is almost upon us, it is time to put on our deerstalker hat and reflectively puff on an empty Calabash pipe ala Sherlock Holmes and in his shadow become a loving (but slightly nosey) caregiver detective. Read more

  • He’s BAACK: The Caregiver Curmudgeon

    When we created Today’s Caregiver magazine , there were very few voices in the wilderness talking about the issue of family caregiving. There are now (thankfully) a significant amount of people talking and writing about caregivers and caregiving, Read more


  • Caregiver Mom

    Mother’s Day is this coming Sunday (although it could be argued that every day is Mother’s Day.) At every conference where our mom has joined us, we always introduce her as the mother of Today’s Caregiver Read more


  • An Exquisite Mother’s Day Gift

    I recently spoke with my friend Harry about his 90-year-old mother, who lives two counties away. He described her as a fiercely independent woman who lived alone and was still driving. But recently, she had become noticeably frail and was not allowin Read more

  • The Question of Questions

    During the Q&A sessions at the Fearless Caregiver Conferences, I always ask the attendees to hold the driving questions to the last half hour, since it generally swamps all other concerns. Read more


  • That Vexing Driving Issue

    I know that mobility has many meanings to family caregivers, wheelchairs and walkers first come to mind. But, the mobility issue that may be the most challenging of all, is what to do when your loved one should no longer be driving. Read more

  • Sharing Etiquette Wisdom (Redux)

    Last month, I wrote the article, The Caregiver Curmudgeon: Physicians Etiquette Edition about the challenges we face ensuring the healthcare system treats our loved ones with the respect they deserve. Read more


  • Hard to Swallow

    There are so many life altering firsts when it comes to caring for our loved ones: the first recognition that something is wrong, the first medical diagnosis, and the first time that roles change in your relationships. Read more


  • Of Bunnies, Backyards and Beach Bummin’

    This week we begin to celebrate Easter and in a few weeks Passover, don our new holiday garb, and do everything for the young ones from hiding the matzah to holding Easter egg rolls, believe it or not, summer is also just around the corner. Read more

  • On Being Caregiver Friendly

    We are celebrating more than twenty years of honoring inventors, designers, tinkerers, writers, creators and companies who are working tirelessly on behalf of family caregivers with a call for entries. Read more

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