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  • The New-New Normal

    How many times have we caregivers heard the phrase “The New Normal?”   A perfect metaphor for the life we start leading once our loved one takes ill.  Suddenly, the trips to Bermuda or the casino or the bingo parlor, Read more

  • On the road again (the Covid-19 version)

    Now that most parts of the country have reduced the sheltering in place restrictions, I’d like to bring up an issue that may not have been on everybody’s front burner for a while — Driving. Read more


  • The Poker Wizard

    Regular readers of this column know that we are quite proud of our mom, for many things she has done. For it was by her dedication to our dad and grandparents that allowed me to see what challenges caregivers face daily. Read more

  • Caregiver Mom

    Mother’s Day is this coming Sunday (although it could be argued that every day is Mother’s Day.) At every conference where our mom has joined us, we always introduce her as the mother of Today’s Caregiver Read more

  • Your Home, Your Castle, Your Wallet

    Now that we are all entering our third month of sheltering-in-place, I’m sure some of our pets (talking about you, cats) would love it if we left them alone and some think this is the best thing since the invention of doggie treats (you know who you Read more


  • 8,036 Days Later and Still Magic

    22 years ago, this coming Saturday, we conducted an experiment.  We wanted to find out what would we get when bringing together 400 family caregivers, service providers, leading caregiving experts Read more

  • 30 Days Later

    Most of us have been officially sheltering in place for the past 30 days or so.  I recently spoke with a working mother and caregiver with two small children who always would tell me that she wished she had more time to spend with her toddlers Read more


  • Traditions-Traditions!

    Last night during the first night of Passover, family members, as they have done for hundreds of generations sat around many Seder tables and celebrated the holiday together. Only this year as opposed to any other year, Read more

  • Leading with Love

    As I have been known to say on more than a few occasions, “this year we are all caregivers.” To put it another way- this year, the separation between people who are actively caring for loved ones and those who are not yet doing so, is less defined. Read more


  • WTMT

    So much in our lives have changed over the past few weeks, including the twin and opposing challenges faced by our loved ones dealing with social isolation or too much family time. Read more


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