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  • Leading with Love

    As I have been known to say on more than a few occasions, “this year we are all caregivers.” To put it another way- this year, the separation between people who are actively caring for loved ones and those who are not yet doing so, is less defined. Read more


  • WTMT

    So much in our lives have changed over the past few weeks, including the twin and opposing challenges faced by our loved ones dealing with social isolation or too much family time. Read more


  • Surviving the COVID-19 Roller Coaster

    When I was a small boy living in South Florida, during the summers we would take trips to visit family members in New York where my mom grew up. Read more

  • Top Ten List for my Beatles Birthday

    Love Always Trumps Hate.  After all, the phrase is “You never forget your first love”, not “you never forget your first hate.” Read more

  • A Time for Fearlessness

    This week, one of my wishes comes true: I become a Beatles song.  Unfortunately, not Baby You're A Rich Man.  I’ll give you a hint, “will you still need me will you still feed me when I’m 64? (I’ve waited 50 years for this honor!) Read more


  • A Fearless Caregivers Guide to COVID-19

    To add to the challenges, we face as family caregivers on a daily basis, we also now need to navigate the torrent of information we are all receiving about the Coronavirus (also known as Covid-19). Read more


  • Passings and Tidings

    We have some sad passings in the caregiver family.  First the indomitable B. Smith, author and restaurateur, who was living with Alzheimer’s and appeared on the January 2016 cover of Today's Caregiver magazine with her beloved husband Dan Gasby. Read more

  • Break The Glass

    I've had many conversations recently about what it takes to become a "successful caregiver." Read more


  • Mike and Mindy - A Valentine's Tale

    They heard about the Fearless Caregiver Conference in the news that very morning. Let’s call them Mike and Mindy (not their real names).  I was in Tampa to host our annual Fearless Caregiver Conference and had an interview... Read more


  • Principle Eight

    As I have traveled the nation over the past twenty-five years, talking with my fellow caregivers at Fearless Caregiver Conferences, national events, seminars and even on airplanes, it has become clear that the only way for caregivers to accomplish... Read more

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