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  • 25 Candles

    This week we celebrate the 25th anniversary of the birth of We are proud that has always been a warm and welcoming place for caregivers to learn and share with one another. Read more

  • Why it Matters

    Raise your hand if you are exhausted by this election cycle.  Oh, I see, you are too exhausted to even raise your hand.  Well, like caregiving some of the most important things in life are truly exhausting but vitally important. Read more

  • Long-Term Care - The Tool Kit

    Gramp was an extraordinarily brave and hard-working man. In 1925, he jumped ship in Baltimore Harbor off a Russian freighter to which he was consigned at the age of 17. Read more


  • The Scout's Motto

    Gail Sheehy stated in her book "Passages in Caring: Turning Chaos into Confidence," that Caregiving starts a period in our lives known as the New Normal.  When you layer Covid-19 on top of the challenges faced by caregivers, we enter a phase that ... Read more

  • That Text Can Wait

    Eleven years ago, I lost someone very important to me. It happened in a flash on a dark highway in rural Minnesota. That is when a distracted driver plowed into the back of the car driven by 32 year-old Sara Kaufman. Read more

  • A Much Needed Moment of Reflection

    In the midst of yet another hotly contested political season in a severely divided country, it is probably a good thing to stop for a moment and remember one of those few truly terrible days... Read more


  • As if we didn’t have enough to worry about…

    Covid-19 did not slow down the spammers and scammers seeking out our senior loved ones. (unfortunately).  In fact, they can even be more maliciously motivated as we are all for the most part easy targets, since we are mostly sheltering at home. Read more

  • Stopping Elder Abuse During Covid-19

    The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) estimates that 1 out of 10 older adults living at home has been a victim of elder abuse. Chances are that this statistic has only gotten worse due to the isolation and stress brought upon us during Covid-19. Read more


  • Fearless Caregivers Top Ten List - Caregiving through Covid-19

    1. Treat your loved one’s telehealth appointment with their physician like a company or school presentation. 2. Prepare the questions you want to ask in advance. 3. Don’t let any unfamiliar phrase or acronym go unquestioned. Read more


  • A Question of Visitation

    I would like to share a letter that a caregiver sent me recently for us to all be able to answer and offer comments.  Her concerns represent many of the comments I have heard privately from caregivers with loved ones living in the community Read more


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