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  • The Life You Save...

    Ten years ago this week, I lost someone very important to me. It happened in a flash on a dark highway in rural Minnesota. Read more

  • Lest We Ever Forget

    In the midst of yet another hotly contested political season in a severely divided country, it is probably a good thing to stop for a moment and remember one of those few truly terrible days... Read more


  • The Just-in-Case File

    Last week, I was with an amazing group of Fearless Caregivers at the Fayetteville Fearless Caregiver Conference in North Carolina. They were all concerned that I was flying home to South Florida into the jaws of Hurricane Dorian, Read more


  • In the Cone

    The days after any storm are when so many lives are lost, so I ask our friends in the affected areas to remain vigilant and safe. Read more


  • Anger Management

    At a recent Fearless Caregiver Conference, so many issues of importance to caregivers were raised that it could take up five columns, but I thought I would touch on one that is surprisingly not mentioned enough by event attendees – anger Read more


  • In Praise of Those Who Care

    One of the things I most enjoy when traveling the nation to talk with family and professional caregivers is meeting the amazing advocates working hard to make the life of their constituent groups better. Read more


  • The Question of Questions

    During the Q&A sessions at the Fearless Caregiver Conferences, I always ask the attendees to hold the driving questions to the last half hour, since it generally swamps all other concerns. Read more


  • Loving White Lies

    As we travel the nation talking with our fellow family caregivers, our hope is to help bring the best answers, support and advice to light. We talk about things, such as the importance of being able to communicate with our loved ones for whom we care Read more


  • Henry and Grace

    As a couple, Henry and Grace taught me as much as anyone ever has about living life to the fullest, not in words, but by example.  They were my parents best friends for 40 years and the four of them spent much of their times together laughing. Read more


  • Summer of Respite 2019

    Now that the summer is in full swing, it is time to consider how to give a break to the most important person in your loved one’s life – you. Read more


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