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  • Of Bunnies, Backyards and Beach Bummin’

    This week we begin to celebrate Passover and Easter, don our new holiday garb, and do everything for the young ones from hiding the matzah to holding Easter egg rolls, believe it or not, summer is also just around the corner. Read more

  • The Caregiver Curmudgeon: Physicians Etiquette Edition

    There is nothing like being immersed in today’s healthcare system to bring out the ‘mudgeon in me. Like the comic character, The Hulk, just when I work hardest to keep my curmudgeon-ship at bay, something triggers and big-time. Read more


  • Let Your Voice Be Heard

    With the advent of technology, we caregivers have found so many new and vital tools to help us as we take on the role of being CEO of our Loved Ones Care Inc. Read more

  • Caregiver Curmudgeon: Homecare Edition

    According to the American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, there are two definitions for the word cur•mudg•eon. Read more


  • The Smallest Kindness

    One of the greatest challenges new family caregivers face is that our preparation to join our loved ones care team is traditionally started with a middle of the night emergency phone call. Read more


  • Respite Reprieve

    Start making your list of those people you know you can count on to pitch in and support your respite program this fall. Read more


  • The Value of Thrown Questions

    Regular readers of Today’s Caregiver magazine and have heard me discuss the concept of "malinformation" over the past 24 years. Malinformation occurs... Read more


  • Dèjá vu

    I stood in the hospital emergency room with my mother, the ER doctor and the social worker. My mother and I brought my 91-year-old grandfather in just a few hours earlier. The next few words spoken by the social worker immediately jerked me back... Read more

  • All Questions Welcome!

    At a recent Fearless Caregiver Conference, we started the day by asking what questions are most important to our caregiving attendees. A lovely retired teacher came up to the whiteboard and wrote down... Read more

  • He’s BAACK: The Caregiver Curmudgeon

    When we created Today’s Caregiver magazine , there were very few voices in the wilderness talking about the issue of family caregiving. There are now (thankfully) a significant amount of people talking and writing about caregivers and caregiving, Read more


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