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  • All It Takes

    This past weekend a small group of friends and I visited a friend of ours who was in intensive care after he experienced complications from gall bladder surgery. more

  • It Takes an (Electronic) Village

    It is our job to oversee something akin to a three-dimensional chessboard of schedules: medication timetables, doctors’ appointments, healthcare workers’ schedules, and the agenda of our well family members, such as our children. more


  • Summer of Respite 2017

    Now that the summer is in full swing, it is time to consider how to give a break to the most important person in your loved one’s life – you. more

  • All Together Now

    I’d like to address the healthcare professionals who are reading this column…(family caregivers, close your eyes). Please, remember that you have a real partner in care more


  • Depression Be Gone

    Whether through full-time homecare, regular doctor visits, or long distance care, caregiving has become an all-encompassing part of all our lives. As our caregiving intensifies, so too do our stress levels, more


  • Chairperson Mom

    Sometimes our most important work as family caregivers includes being able to juggle what your loved one truly needs with what they truly believe they want. more

  • Just an Okie from Miami Beach

    I was in Tulsa, Oklahoma last week for the first annual Tulsa Fearless Caregiver Conference. I always say and fervently believe that the greatest unsung celebrities are our family caregivers and there were a whole darn room filled with them. more

  • 22 Years and Counting…

    Twenty two years ago this week on a rainy Fourth of July weekend, I drove a rental truck to a local magazine printer's warehouse to pick up copies of the first issue of Today's Caregiver magazine. more

  • Elevators, Planes and Arkansans

    After a brief time with my feet firmly planted on good ole’ Mother Earth, I am finding myself flying the friendly (!?) skies more often these days. That is the bad news, the good news is what awaits me when I land. more

  • Preventing Senior Accidental Overdoses

    A growing concern for family caregivers is the possibility of a loved one’s accidental overdose. This is an issue I hear about with alarming frequency as we travel the country on our Fearless Caregiver Conference tour. more

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