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  • On Being Caregiver Friendly

    We are celebrating seventeen years of honoring inventors, designers, tinkerers, writers, creators and companies who are working tirelessly on behalf of family caregivers with a call for entries. Read more

  • Caregiving MBA

    Last week, many caregivers responded to my column entitled (CPR), detailing my deeply held belief that each caregiver needs to be respected as the CEO of our Loved One’s Care, Inc. Read more


  • CPR

    I have a confession to make. I am actually quite addicted to books by business gurus, you know the type, “Swim with sharks without ripping your pajamas, Learn to Better Yourself : in every way in 200 pages, or The Greatest Business Advice: Read more


  • Emotional Reframing

    I had lunch recently (see, they do let me out of the office for reasons other than events, every once and a while) with an extremely interesting new friend who is a member of the clergy. Read more


  • The Cat’s Out of the Bag

    I need to apologize to the 100,000 plus folks who have joined us over the past 20 years at 225 Fearless Caregivers around the country. Read more

  • In Your Own Community

    I live in Broward County, Florida. Best known for the white sandy beaches of Fort Lauderdale. For the past 40 years, my community has been blessed with a true senior advocate... Read more

  • Ten Caregiver Wishes for 2019

    Wishing for kinder and gentler days — Wishing for understanding of our caregiver ways — Wishing for support to arrive at our doors — Wishing for respect for our caregiving chores — Read more

  • As The Calendar Turns To Twenty-Nineteen

    As the calendar turns to twenty-nineteen Let’s peer ahead to what can be seen Let’s start with at least a smile a day Which is as good as an apple to keep You-Know-Who away Read more


  • And I Wish You Joy

    For this holiday season, I have been wracking my brain for a special gift that I can send to each and every family caregiver. Read more

  • Sleuth-ebrating the Holidays

    This holiday season can also be a time to be a loving (but slightly nosey) detective. If you are traveling to visit your loved ones who may be in need of care, the holidays afford an ideal time to assess any changes in their health and well-being. Read more

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