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  • Give Yourself a Break, Right Now

    Doctor appointments that must be scheduled; the constant care and attention your love done needs, both physically and emotionally; the back and forth to grocery stores, drug stores, physical therapy sessions and, most of all, the need to know you... Read more

  • Real Simple

    As we rapidly careen towards the 2022 holiday season, (“you must be kidding, Thanksgiving’s next week?”), I always think of the first year we celebrated Thanksgiving with my grandfather in the Adult Living Facility Read more

  • Cones, Cones and More Cones

    To Paraphrase Al Pacino in Godfather 3 “Just when we thought we were out…” Unfortunately, there will be one more hurricane hitting the United States before this season ends. Read more

  • And the Winners Are...

    What do smart fall detectors, virtual futures, terrific books and mobility innovations all have in common? These are descriptions of some of our 2022 Today's Caregiver Friendly Award winners. They also represent thousands of hours of loving labor... Read more

  • A Halloween Ode to Caregiving

    Sung to The Addams Family theme music They creep around your house, Ask questions of your spouse, All your plans up they will louse, Your Visiting Family. Read more

  • A Loving Ode to Sneaky Wisdom

    As we return to in-person events across the country, talking with our fellow family caregivers, our hope is to help bring the best answers, support and advice to light. We talk about such things as the importance of being able to communicate ... Read more

  • Trick or Treat

    Holidays offer a great opportunity for realistic family meetings about how your loved one is fairing. It will, frankly, be up to you to make sure that the session remains non-confrontational. Deep breaths and counting to ten helps. Read more

  • Those Four Little Words

    As far as I am concerned, there are two sets of three little words that every family caregiver needs to have at their disposal and use as frequently as possible. Read more

  • Dad at 31

    This week marked the 31st anniversary of my father's passing. He retired in 1990, developed bone marrow cancer and passed away a year later. I was grateful that I could be with him by his bedside when he passed. Read more


  • After The Storm Passes

    The days after any storm are when so many lives are lost, so I ask our friends in the areas affected by Hurricane Ian to remain vigilant and safe. As I write this column, millions of people along the west coast of Florida are actually “directly in... Read more

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