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  • You Just Gotta Laugh...

    Researchers at the UMUC have proven that laughter is linked to healthy function of blood vessels. Laughter appears to cause the tissue that forms the inner lining of blood vessels, the endothelium, to dilate or expand in order to increase blood flow. Read more


  • The Caregiver War

    This month we celebrate Veteran's Day in these United States. It is so very fitting that this holiday falls within National Family Caregivers Month. Read more


  • A Halloween Ode to Caregiving

    Sung to The Addams Family theme music They creep around your house, Ask questions of your spouse, All your plans up they will louse, Your Visiting Family. Read more


  • The Next 800 Million Seconds

    757,555,200 seconds ago (give or take a few seconds),  I picked up the phone in our first office (back room of my parent’s house)  dialed (or pushed buttons, who can remember?) a phone connected to a wall (those under 25, look it up), called a number Read more


  • Keep Your Machete Sharp

    Gramp was an extraordinarily brave and hard-working man.  In 1925, he jumped ship in Baltimore Harbor off a Russian freighter to which he was consigned at the age of 17. Read more


  • Objective Love

    I received a call from a dear friend of mine, who recently retired from the health care industry.  You could say he was one of my first mentors, when starting out on my journey of caregiver support 25 years ago. He leads a men’s group in the small Read more


  • Fifty Things I Love

    Allow me to share my favorite things with my favorite people: 1. Making babies smile 2. The breathtaking feeling of creating something original 3. Honest conversation 4. Ecstatically funny conversation Read more


  • Howling with Care

    As CEO of Caring for Your Loved Ones, Inc, Fearless Caregivers need to have a wide array of tools and techniques at your disposal.  You may be surprised to know what I believe to be the most important of these tools - Humor. Read more


  • The Life You Save...

    Ten years ago this week, I lost someone very important to me. It happened in a flash on a dark highway in rural Minnesota. Read more

  • Lest We Ever Forget

    In the midst of yet another hotly contested political season in a severely divided country, it is probably a good thing to stop for a moment and remember one of those few truly terrible days... Read more


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