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  • CEO of Caring

    I have been talking about family caregivers being the CEO of Caring for My Loved One, Inc., since late last century in Today’s Caregiver magazine, on and at the Fearless Caregiver Conferences. Read more


  • The Life You Save…

    Is the text you are about to send worth your life? Is the funny cat or dog video that you cannot wait to share with your friends? These are the questions you need to ask every time you reach for your phone while driving to text a note... Read more

  • Wisdom Abounds

    We are pleased to have returned to in-person Fearless Caregiver Conferences with the extremely successful event in Delray Beach Florida.  At the end of the month, we will be hosting our 298th in-person or virtual Fearless Caregiver Conference.. Read more

  • Time to Sharpen Our Pencils

    In my younger days, early September always signified new beginnings as that was when the summer break was over and we would return to school and enter a new grade. Read more

  • Hard Lessons Learned

    This week we commemorate the thirtieth anniversary of Hurricane Andrew and the seventeenth anniversary of Hurricane Katrina. Both storms brought unimaginable destruction upon so many of our friends and family members. Read more

  • Back To School

    In our ongoing exploration of the Fearless Caregiver Manifesto, let me first explain why this is so very important. If we are truly to consider ourselves an integral part of our loved one's care team, then we must have our own laws to live by. Read more

  • Job One for Caregivers

    I started my journey as a family caregiver 32 years ago as I helped my mom care for my dad, who was diagnosed with bone marrow cancer in 1990. Mom went from loving spouse to caregiver as his condition worsened. Read more


  • The Caregiver Test

    I share this letter from a reader because it highlights an issue about which I am quite serious. There are NO textbook perfect caregivers or caregiving situations. Read more


  • Caregiver First Responder

    Like all dedicated first responders, I believe that we caregivers need to keep our skills honed by conducting what I like to call Fire Drills and What If’s? Read more


  • In the Room Where It Happens

    From our last in-person Fearless Caregiver Conference held before Covid-19 shut everything down to the in-person event last week, the distance was about 45 miles and 875 days. Even though we conducted a handful of virtual events that were... Read more

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