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  • It’s Always Mental Health Awareness Month

    In the early nineties, when I was living in North Carolina, I would always look forward to the few days that I would go to Winston-Salem to volunteer at the Bing Crosby celebrity golf tournament which funded multiple charities. Read more

  • Caregiver Mom

    Mother’s Day is this coming Sunday (although it could be argued that every day is Mother’s Day.) At every conference where our mom has joined us, we always introduce her as the mother of Today’s Caregiver Read more

  • All Together Now

    I’d like to address the healthcare professionals who are reading this column…(family caregivers, close your eyes). Please, remember that you have a real partner in care in your client’s family caregivers and also remember that as we family caregivers Read more

  • Calling Marcus Welby

    I have been telling anyone who will listen to me anymore around here that as I just turned 66 years old last month, it’s time for me to write my autobiography. Working title: “From bar-tabs to co-pays in 40 short years” Read more


  • Traditions-Traditions!

    This week, during the first night of Passover, family members, as they have done for hundreds of generations sat around many Seder tables and celebrated the holiday together. Only this year as we had done so over the past two years ... Read more

  • Of Bunnies, Backyards and Beach Bummin’

    Next week we begin to celebrate Passover and Easter, don our new holiday garb, and do everything for the young ones from hiding the matzah to holding Easter egg rolls, believe it or not, summer is also just around the corner. Read more


  • Lead with Love and Crossed Fingers

    As I have been known to say on more than a few occasions, “this year we are all caregivers.” To put it another way- these past two plus years, the separation between people who are actively caring for loved ones and those who are not yet doing so... Read more

  • Top Ten Things a Caregiver Needs from a Health Care Provider

    1. Attention: The caregiver's loved one may be the 27th similar case you've seen today; but to the caregiver, this is Mom or Dad, Sister or Lover. Read more

  • Getting My Kicks

    My personal route 66 starts today (and I hope at some time this year, it will actually include California). The speed of my annual trip around the sun seems to increase exponentially each year.  As a kid, I remember how very long it was from the be Read more


  • Three Score and Six Years Ago

    Three score and six years ago Due to the potential fire hazard, the fire department has refused a permit for my birthday cake next week. So, instead of blowing out candles, I’d like to share a few things I have learned from the family caregivers... Read more


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