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  • The Caregiver Test

    I share this letter from a reader because it highlights an issue about which I am quite serious. There are NO textbook perfect caregivers or caregiving situations. Read more


  • Caregiver First Responder

    Like all dedicated first responders, I believe that we caregivers need to keep our skills honed by conducting what I like to call Fire Drills and What If’s? Read more


  • In the Room Where It Happens

    From our last in-person Fearless Caregiver Conference held before Covid-19 shut everything down to the in-person event last week, the distance was about 45 miles and 875 days. Even though we conducted a handful of virtual events that were... Read more

  • Game on, Fraudsters. Game on

    Between phishing and Social Security scams, telemarketing fraudsters, and even sweepstake lottery scams, protecting our loved ones financial security is an ongoing battle. Read more


  • The Caregiver Curmudgeon Chronicles: Doctor’s Office Episode

    According to the American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, there are two definitions for the word curmudgeon. The first one being: An ill-tempered person full of resentment and stubborn notions. Read more


  • On the Road Again-Again

    Twenty-seven years ago, next week (or, if you'd rather, 236,688 hours, 14,201,280 minutes or 852,076,800 seconds ago) on a rainy Fourth of July weekend, I drove a rental truck to a local magazine printer's warehouse to pick up copies of the first.. Read more

  • And the Winners Are...

    What do smart fall detectors, virtual futures, terrific books and mobility innovations all have in common? These are descriptions of some of our 2022 Today's Caregiver Friendly Award winners. They also represent thousands of hours of loving labor... Read more

  • Back in the Saddle Again

    Next month, I do something that I haven’t done in a long time (please, no personal hygiene jokes).  I get to spend the day with my favorite folks in the world, family and professional caregivers, at the first in-person Fearless Caregiver Conference.. Read more


  • Father's Day

    According to the Caregiver Action Network, “The male/female ratio involved in caregiving has changed dramatically. Caregiving used to be considered a women’s issue based on data that showed 75 percent of "family" care was provided by women. Read more


  • Detective Caregiver

    Now that a summer is upon us where we feel at ease about traveling once again (except, of course, when standing at the gas pump), it is time to put on our deerstalker hat and reflectively puff on an empty Calabash pipe ala Sherlock Holmes... Read more

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