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  • A Question of Visitation

    I would like to share a letter that a caregiver sent me recently for us to all be able to answer and offer comments.  Her concerns represent many of the comments I have heard privately from caregivers with loved ones living in the community Read more

  • It Takes an (Electronic) Village

    It is our job to oversee something akin to a three-dimensional chessboard of schedules: medication timetables, doctors’ appointments, healthcare workers’ schedules, and the agenda of our well family members, such as our children. Read more


  • The Caregiver Curmudgeon Chronicles: Doctor’s Office Episode

    According to the American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, there are two definitions for the word curmudgeon. The first one being: An ill-tempered person full of resentment and stubborn notions. Read more


  • Fire Drills and What If’s

    Like all dedicated first responders, I believe that we caregivers need to keep our skills honed by conducting what I like to call Fire Drills and What If’s? Read more

  • 25 Years and Counting…

    Twenty-five years ago this week on a rainy Fourth of July weekend, I drove a rental truck to a local magazine printer's warehouse to pick up copies of the first issue of Today's Caregiver magazine. Read more


  • Chairperson Mom

    Sometimes our most important work as family caregivers includes being able to juggle what your loved one truly needs with what they truly believe they want. Read more

  • Father's Day

    According to the Caregiver Action Network “The male/female ratio involved in caregiving has changed dramatically. Caregiving used to be considered a women’s issue based on data that showed 75 percent of "family" care was provided by women. Read more

  • Preventing Senior Accidental Overdoses

    A growing concern for family caregivers is the possibility of a loved one’s accidental overdose. This is an issue I hear about with alarming frequency. Read more


  • The New-New Normal

    How many times have we caregivers heard the phrase “The New Normal?”   A perfect metaphor for the life we start leading once our loved one takes ill.  Suddenly, the trips to Bermuda or the casino or the bingo parlor, Read more

  • On the road again (the Covid-19 version)

    Now that most parts of the country have reduced the sheltering in place restrictions, I’d like to bring up an issue that may not have been on everybody’s front burner for a while — Driving. Read more


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