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Gary E. Barg

Gary has dedicated the last 22 years of his life to being the caregiver of caregivers. In 1995, Gary moved from Atlanta, GA back home to Miami, FL to help his mother care for his grandparents. He was overwhelmed by nursing home, insurance, and state brochures, all of which lacked proper direction.

Gary realized there needed to be a single source of information, advice, and support for caregivers. In 1995, he established Today’s Caregiver magazine to be that source. In addition to the magazine, Caregiver.com was launched on the Internet in 1995. He also began hosting a series of conferences around the nation called Fearless Caregiver Conferences. He also introduced free  on-line newsletters from Caregiver.com to provide caregivers with weekly support.

Until his grandfather passed away in 2000, Gary enjoyed the simple but special moments with him. He liked to sit and hold his hand or watch him respond with a smile to a kiss on the cheek. Gary has made meeting the needs of caregivers his life's work and created a community for the nation’s 65.7 million caregivers to learn, exchange ideas, and receive support.

You can respond to Gary's most recent post at the Editor's Pen or contact him at gary@caregiver.com

Steven C. Barg

While living in Charlotte, NC, Steven became a long-distance caregiver for both his father and grandfather who were living in Miami, FL, His father had developed four different kinds of cancer and his grandfather was living with Alzheimer’s Disease.

He clearly defined the role of being a long-distance caregiver when he said, “The secondary caregiver is one step away, so it is important to be supportive of both the patient as well as the primary caregiver.” Steven was appreciative when his mother, who was the primary caregiver, would allow him to play a part in the caregiving. The significant role he played in the family prompted his brother, Gary - CMG’s Chief Executive Officer, to create the first series of articles on long-distance caregiving in Today's Caregiver magazine.

The impact his caregiving experience had on his world view inspired Steven to leave his nearly twenty year career in shopping center property management and join his brother on taking on challenge of creating a community of caregiver support.  His goal is to help educate and support family and professional caregivers around the country.

Since joining Caregiver Media Group in 2000, Steven has assumed the role of Chief Operating Office of the organization and has become a noted educator, national host and speaker on caregivers rights and roles.

Steven C. Barg is a Florida Supreme Court Certified Mediator specializing in Elder Care Mediation and Shared Family Decision-making in South Florida.


Nancy Schonwalter
Managing Editor

Nancy’s career and passion for animals sent her to live and work in Laos, a small country between Vietnam and Thailand. She worked for The Carnivore Preservation Trust, a non-profit organization that rescues injured and hunted carnivores.

A New Jersey native, Nancy spent five years of her life in Laos caring for carnivores such as: tigers, sun bears, leopards, and golden cats. On a temporary return trip to the United States in 1996, she learned the director of the organization, Dr. Michael Bleyman, was diagnosed with kidney cancer. Nancy relocated to the U.S. to become one of his primary caregivers. Dr. Bleyman entered hospice care at his home at the Trust and she with a few other close co-workers became his 24-hour a day caregivers. Nancy said, “He and the organization enriched my life; caring for him was the least I could do after all he did for me.”

Nancy became the Executive Director after Dr. Bleyman’s passing. She felt fortunate being able to give such a wonderful gift to her mentor. Nancy understands the stress caregivers can feel. She said, “Things can get very intense but it would be a disservice to the person you are caring for to not give yourself distance when you need it.”

Nancy joined Caregiver Media Group in 2001 and oversees all the print and on-line production for our brands and products including Today's Caregiver magazine, caregiver.com and Fearless Caregiver Conferences.