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February 12, 2014
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From the Editor's Pen Gary Barg • Editor-in-Chief • gary@caregiver.com

Gary Barg
The Story of Joseph

I got an email from my friend Joseph yesterday. We were inseparable friends way back in the early 80s when we worked together in Miami. He moved to New York after that. He and his wife Mary would kindly lend me their couch when I started Today’s Caregiver magazine in the mid-90s and was in New York for business. Two years ago, he joined us at the Treasure Coast Fearless Caregiver Conference where his mother and sister Maria live. Now his mom spends about half the year in Florida with Maria in the house where they grew up, and half the year with Joseph in New York.

Axona Joseph’s story:

My mother is back here now… for six months of my turn of caregiving to relieve Maria. Mom is now 96 years old, has dementia, is hard of hearing and understanding, living with COPD, and a patient of hospice. Yet, she shares a moment now and then of clarity and wit. Upon our arrival from the airport. Me: “Mom, do you know where you are now?” Mom: “The question is, Joseph, do you know where YOU are now? I happen to be in Manhattan.” It hard to describe the feeling you get from laughing with her in the car, then to watch her incessantly folding and refolding a Kleenex for five minutes. If I interrupt her, she responds by saying, “Let me finish this first.”  ...more

Caregiving Across The Miles:
The Plus Side of Long Distance Caregiving (Story of a Caregiver)
By Peg Crandall, MA, CPC

My work required frequent travel and my conscience bothered me because I could not spend more time with my best friend, June, while she battled a life-threatening disease. As her condition worsened, I felt very guilty about not being able to be at her bedside.

I talked with my therapist about my feelings. She explained that many seriously ill patients find their favorite caregiver relationships to be with those who stay in touch by phone or electronic messaging. There is sound reasoning behind that point!  ...more

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My Mother's Creatures - Great and Small
By Felicia Mitchell

I love the story of Noah and his ark. I don’t care if the story is factual or not. What appeals to me is an ark full of animals under the care of loving humans, awash in waters blanketing an earth that needed a good cleaning. I like the happy ending when the dove returns  ...more

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Hiring an In-Home Caregiver
What You Don’t Know Could Hurt You
By Jennifer Luna Friedrich

For older adults, in-home non-medical care might be the key to independence. However, the quality of care depends on the quality of the caregiver. When looking for in-home care, finding the best service can be a challenge. This article offers suggestions on what to look for when hiring a caregiver  ...more

Caregiver Stories:
Personal Emergency Response System
By Hilary Gibson, Staff Writer

Many long-distance caregivers find a PERS to be a good way of keeping-up with their loved one, as well as helping them to maintain their independence. The following testimonials were submitted by caregivers about their experience with some Personal Emergency Response Systems:

An Early-Morning, Wake-Up Call:
After some debate, my mother, who is elderly and lives alone, decided that it would be best if she invested in a Personal Emergency Response System...
A Daughter’s Peace-of-Mind:
When my mother passed away, my eighty year-old dad had to move in with my husband and I. Although he is mentally very sharp, he has difficulty with his balance  ...more

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