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18 Fearless Years
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Gary Barg - Editor-in-chief

Black (and Blue) Friday

After a big holiday meal on Thursday with friends and family members at my mom’s house, I awoke a tad late and rolled myself out of bed, put a leash on my dog, Morris (who, after spending the evening scouring under the table, thankful for those beloved souls who tend to drop bits of food on the floor, over-slept as well) and headed into the office. When we arrived at the office, Morris was of the mind that we should take a walk down to the nearby supermarket, which is a longer walk than our usual morning constitutional. Agreeing that we both needed to exercise off the previous night’s meal, I concurred. 

Just as we were coming up on a stand-alone electric sign advertising the French bistro in our building, my phone rang.  As I looked down, trying to see who was calling in the glaring morning sun, I did not realize that we were coming as close to this metal and glass structure as we were. Once I looked up, I banged right into it.  Feeling blood running down my face, we returned to the office where I noticed that, in honor of the bistro sign, my faced looked a bit like steak tartare.   No major wounds, but it still needed some tending.  

As an advocate for text free driving, it is kind of embarrassing to be caught in a pedestrian-related cell phone injury. It is of small comfort to know I am not alone. Pedestrian cell phone-related injuries have more than doubled since 2005, with 1,500 cases this year alone.  Making my face even redder, more injuries actually involve cars, bridges and walkways than bistro signs. I guess they will have to add a new category. 

Thankfully, the office was equipped with a pretty well-stocked first aid kit, including antiseptic wipes, packets of aspirin, bandages and Woundseal (a really cool product). 

The January edition of Today’s Caregiver magazine will include our annual Resolution Solutions section. I am making an early resolution to have up-to-date emergency kits in the car, at home, as well as at the office.  You never know when a bistro sign may attack.


  Gary Barg
Today's Caregiver magazine

Tuesday December 3, 2013  

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