Diabetic Foot Care Tips 
by Dr. Tamara D. Fishman

  1. Never soak your feet.
  2. ever apply heat of any kind to your feet.
  3. Never cut your own toenails, refer to a podiatrist or medical doctor.
  4. Never go barefoot.
  5. Never assume that the circulation or sensation in your feet is normal.
  6. Never use strong medications on your feet (be careful of over-the- counter preparations).
  7. Never allow corns or calluses to go untreated.
  8. Never perform bathroom surgery on your feet.
  9. Never wear shoes that do not fit properly.
  10. Always wear white socks, as colored socks contain dyes.
  11. Wear acrylic fiber socks, which are actually more absorbent than cotton as it "wicks" moisture way from the skin.
  12. Never keep your feet too moist or dry.
  13. Seek medical attention immediately if you have any questions about or problems with your feet.

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