The threat of the holidays being right around the corner strikes instant fear, terror and major stress into the hearts of almost everyone. However, there is hope for caregivers to enjoy the holiday season and still mak more

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Every year, the media bombards us with advertisements showing the “happy family” gathering for the holidays. People from different generations are together, having a wonderful time, sharing traditions of old and creating new ones as well. more

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Caregivers know what it's like to face adversity. The ability to bend without breaking, hold steady when a gale-force of stressors threaten stability, to remain curious through confusion and energized by uncertainty–skills needed by every caregiver more

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I am having trouble sleeping at nights.  Usually I get so caught up in caring for my ailing Dad, that when it comes time to sleep, I cannot 'wind down'. more

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Caring for an elderly person can sometimes be demanding to the point of taking us to the breaking point. more

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Caregivers exert enough energy during the day to power a small nuclear submarine, but sleep deprivation is a common problem among a large percentage of caregivers. more


There are many stresses and strains in the relationship between adult children and their aging parents, but one of the greatest of these stresses is the daily responsibility of caregiving. more


Caregivers often carry around undeserved guilt, believing that they aren’t doing enough for their loved ones. This guilt can make the caregiving role even more stressful than it already is. more

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My husband is a stroke patient. Thankfully, he can still walk (with a slight limp), understand most everything said to him and is able to take care of his own personal needs. more

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More than one quarter of the adult population (26.6%) has provided care for a chronically ill, disabled or aged family member or friend during the past year. more

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To deal with it, you need to recognize it more


Being a caregiver is a stressful and demanding job. more

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Massage therapy isn’t just a luxury anymore and has actually become a vital part of health care practices worldwide. more


Elderly people (that is, people aged 65 years and older) are more prone to heat stress than younger people for several reasons: more


Because caregiving is such a universal task, faced by nearly all of us at one time or another, I hope you find these strategies helpful. more


Change is an expected part of our daily lives today. Dealing with it so that YOU control IT rather than vice versa is an important and positive force in controlling your life. more

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Caregivers tend to put their health last on their list of priorities. Here is a checklist of ways for you to stay fit, both physically and mentally: more


How do we balance our needs with the needs of those around us? Maybe it is okay that we don’t know the answer as long as we are searching. Finding the balance is truly an art form. more

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How does a caregiver know when he or she can no longer manage the daily caregiving routines and planning responsibilities? more

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For caregivers, painful feelings — such as guilt, sadness and anger — are like any other pain. It’s your body’s way of saying, “Pay attention.” more


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