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If you are caring for someone with a chronic illness, disabilities or age-related issues, I know you hear this all the time, “You need to take better care of yourself.” I don’t care who it comes from, it feels like a slap in the face. more

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Before the ball drops in Times Square, promise yourself this year will be the year you become your own best caregiver. Resolve to do what thousands of others need to do – make time for yourself more

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The holidays also are a time that can be particularly challenging for a caregiver. It is a time during which the changes in one’s life are highlighted and there are additional demands placed upon on an already stressed life. more

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Caregivers know what it's like to face adversity. The ability to bend without breaking, hold steady when a gale-force of stressors threaten stability, to remain curious through confusion and energized by uncertainty–skills needed by every caregiver more

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It is important to examine the various emotions that a person living with Parkinson’s disease (PD) can undergo in living daily with the condition. The emotional factors that affect your loved one can be both internal and external. more

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Being a caregiver of a loved one, part of the sandwich generation taking care of a family member who has a chronic or debilitating disease can take a toll on you physically and emotionally especially when it comes to your joy. more

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How many times in your caregiving have you heard the words “New Normal”? I myself have used the term in talking to others and at our cancer caregiver meetings. more


I heard this comment by Dr. Joy Brown, a radio psychologist, one evening on my way home from work: "Most of the answers are simple. They are just not easy." more


As a Registered Nurse, my previous practice had been primarily focused on the individual with the disease process, then I took a position that was focused on the caregiver. more


Caregivers provide care in a wide variety of situations. Caregiving can be a very difficult task to accomplish, especially when it involves caring for an elderly parent. more


Receiving some extra help or consideration from others goes a long way to helping you deal with the daily rigors of life. more


1. Keep a journal. Start today. Describe your fears as well as your hopes, the reality of what each day is like, more


I’ve learned many things since I began taking care of my 85-year-old grandmother three years ago. I’ve learned many things since I began taking care of my 85-year-old grandmother three years ago. more


While friends are essential, it turns out that other primary caregivers who share your emotional and physical roller coaster ride may offer the best source of help. more

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Recharging your batteries is one of the most important ways to help your loved one. more


Caregivers often carry around undeserved guilt, believing that they aren’t doing enough for their loved ones. This guilt can make the caregiving role even more stressful than it already is. more

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Caregiving itself is an art. Many today are part of the Sandwich Generation who find themselves caring for both young children and teenagers as well as aging parents. more


Being a caregiver is a stressful and demanding job. more

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Massage therapy isn’t just a luxury anymore and has actually become a vital part of health care practices worldwide. more