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Nine Ways to Get Someone to Eat 

By Jennifer B. Buckley

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A common nutritional problem that can affect care recipients in poor health is cachexia-anorexia and it especially involves those in advanced stages of Alzheimer’s, Cancer and AIDS. Cachexia-anorexia is a syndrome in which progressive and involuntary weight loss occurs. The people with this disorder are “wasting-away” from the lack of vitamins and nutrients and as a caregiver; this can be a difficult and frustrating event to witness.

The syndrome can be attributed to cancer treatments, medications, physiological problems like an obstructing tumor in the gastrointestinal track or psychological problems like depression. It is also possible the person you are caring for has a loss of appetite simply from not feeling well. has come up with a list of ways to help your care recipient eat. This list doesn’t necessarily reflect the needs of care recipients on special needs diets such as diabetes or restricted salt intake diets. Remember to consult your physician about the specific dietary needs of your loved one.

Water, Water, Water. Make sure the person you are caring for has plenty of water to avoid dehydration, which can lead to appetite suppression.

Keep it small. Instead of three large meals a day, which can look overwhelming to someone in poor health, serve six small meals a day.

Bulk up on the amount of calories per meal. For instance, you can add protein powder mix to shakes or drinks to increase calories.

Soft is better. Serve soft foods such as pudding, ice cream or fruit smoothies because they can be tasty and easy to digest.

Make it tasty. Don’t serve bland or sour tasting foods.

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