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Eating Habits: Suggestions When Feeding
Your Elderly Loved Ones

By Ryan Mackey

Alleviate any diversions when eating, and be basic with your meals:

  • Use only utensils that are needed.

  • Have cups with lids to avoid a mess if spilled.

  • If possible, use bowls instead of plates.

  • Provide food that can easily be eaten. Serve food that is already cut, cooled, and easily recognizable to the person.

Caring for those with swallowing or chewing problems:

  • Use simple spoken commands to help them realize when to swallow and when to chew.

  • Do not serve food that breaks apart easily or foods that tend to be messy..
    Serve food in small amounts, and make sure food is cut up so they can chew and swallow without much effort.

  • Allow them a moment to swallow and then prepare for their next bite.

  • Check to see that food is not too hot for them, and have it moistened if possible..

Caring for those who eat too much or too little:

  • Allow for healthy snacks throughout the day to offset eating at just mealtime.

  • Ensure the person receives enough exercise to justify their food intake.

  • Serve foods that the person likes best to keep up their appetite.

  • Think about your style of cooking. Does it supply the proper nutrition and is easy to digest


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