This holiday season can also be a time to be a loving (but slightly nosey) detective. If you are traveling to visit your loved ones who may be in need of care, the holidays afford an ideal time to assess any changes in their health and well-being. more

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Let the in-laws share in the cooking details, let your sister have dinner at her place, heck, even order in or go out to a restaurant. Here is a list of principals to ensure a guilt-free holiday. more

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Caregivers may have unusually high expectations during holidays and special occasions. You may feel enormous pressure to make this time especially significant. more


If you don’t live near your aging parents, holiday visits are a great time to observe your parents’ behaviors and physical capabilities to see if they need more help performing daily activities. more

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Let me first clue-in the reader to the fact that I’m an only child - or I was prior to losing my father and my mother.. I no longer am a daughter to anyone. more

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One caregiver's solution to help her father-in-law have a happy Thanksgiving meal. more