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When it was suggested to me that I might benefit from an Alzheimer’s support group for caregivers, I remember smiling politely and thanking the well-meaning party. I also remember my exact thought as I turned away. “ more

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Caregiver Jujitsu - / kair-giv-er ju•jit•su / –a method developed to help caregivers take advantage of important resources by turning their negative responses into positive action. more

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I am a co-facilitator of a local Alzheimer's support group.  The trouble I am having is that the caregivers are dealing with various stages of the disease and some have already lost their loved ones. more

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How many times in your caregiving have you heard the words “New Normal”? I myself have used the term in talking to others and at our cancer caregiver meetings. more


While friends are essential, it turns out that other primary caregivers who share your emotional and physical roller coaster ride may offer the best source of help. more

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“Doctor, are you sure?” I questioned.“We’re never sure, but all indications point to Alzheimer’s as your mom’s diagnosis. more


I take care of my 39 year old son who is dying from liver disease. He is on hospice care at home but they only come out once a week. more

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I am looking to start a caregiver support group through our church. I need help starting, literature etc. Does anyone have suggestions please. more

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At last night's meeting there was a lot of talk about guilt...guilt about getting angry, not wanting to spend time with a family member with dementia... more

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A caregiver support group is a regularly scheduled, informal gathering of people whose lives are directly or indirectly affected by the caregiving needs of another. If you are thinking about starting a support group, start here. more

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