Inspector General Warns Public About Caller ID “Spoofing” of Social Security Fraud Hotline Phone Number Read more

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Long-distance caregiving presents unique challenges. If you find yourself in the long-distance caregiving role, here is a summary of things to keep in mind. Read more


Neither Joe or Helen had executed a will, a power of attorney or an advance healthcare directive. None of the children ever wanted to talk about the “what ifs” and now the family was in crisis. They had failed to plan. Read more


Why are seniors so heavily targeted by scam artists? Many seniors grew up in a time when business was based on a handshake and trust. Read more


So, what does the “Senior Living Community of the Future” look like? Read more


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  • Starting the Conversation

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  • Why Senior's Don't Eat

  • Alzheimer's: Dealing with Difficult Behavior

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