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Glenn Hobbins, inventor of Helping Handles, joined us at the 2018 Ocala Fearless Caregiver Conference and demonstrated in front of a highly motivated audience of family and professional caregivers. Read more

Celebrity Interviews

Alex Teichman is the Co-founder and CEO of Lighthouse, the home camera reinvented with artificial intelligence. Read more

Celebrity Interviews

Johnny Ross is the Co-founder and CEO of MedHab, discusses the benefits of MyNotifi clip. Read more

Celebrity Interviews

As we round the bend towards the end of our First Annual Fall Prevention February, I am pleased by the responses we have received on the initiative. Read more

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Welcome to the halfway point in our annual Fall Prevention February (well, except on leap year, but that’s another story.) There is never a better time to talk about fall prevention and detection than the present. Read more

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The biggest concern I have is that I worry that if  my 78-year-old mother falls and I won't be able to pick her up off the floor. Read more

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Falls are not an inevitable consequence of aging, but they do occur more often among older adults because risk factors for falls are usually associated with health and aging conditions. Read more


“I had a dream last night about water,” my mother says as we dice cantaloupe and brew our morning coffee. “I woke up with wet sheets.” Read more


A sudden fall can be startling and frightening. If you fall, stay as calm as possible. Read more