New Year

In my younger days, early January always  reminded me of early September, mostly because both months signified new beginnings. January, of course, signified the hopes associated with the  turn of the calendar.. Read more

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As the calendar turns to twenty-nineteen Let’s peer ahead to what can be seen Let’s start with at least a smile a day Which is as good as an apple to keep You-Know-Who away Read more

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1. Keep records of all medications and reactions: make notes about what works, what doesn’t and when you informed the physician of any problems. 2. Keep records of all doctor appointments: the reason for the visit, the doctor’s responses... Read more

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Holidays and special occasions can bring out the best and the worst in us. The prospect of wonderful, happy times abound, filling us with somewhat unrealistic hopes for our relationships. Read more


Early Diagnosis and Treatment Can Lessen Effects of Glaucoma, the “Sneak Thief of Sight” Read more


Wishing for kinder and gentler days — Wishing for understanding of our caregiver ways — Wishing for support to arrive at our doors — Wishing for respect for our caregiving chores — Read more

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For caregivers of elderly or disabled individuals, routine and specialized medical care can be overwhelming. Here are several guidelines to ensure the safety and good health of those being cared for by family members: Read more


Before the ball drops in Times Square, promise yourself this year will be the year you become your own best caregiver. Resolve to do what thousands of others need to do – make time for yourself Read more

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