Long Distance Caregiving

Are you caring for someone from far away? Check out these tips to make your job a little easier: Read more


Being a long-distance caregiver is incredibly stressful and frustrating. It’s difficult locating and vetting caregivers from a distance and the National Institute on Aging says there are approximately 7 million people in the United States trying to c Read more


Caroline H. Sheppard shares her story with lessons learned and how she was called to oversee the care of five different family members over a fifteen year period from afar. Read more

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Because Americans have become such a transient culture, adult children are now finding themselves having to deal with an ever-growing crisis: taking on the new-found role as long-distance caregiver. Read more


My mother, an 86-year-old widow, lives alone in a small town in the farming country of central Kansas. Read more

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A long distance caregiver tells about her life lessons learned by caring for her mother who lived far away. Read more