Kristine Dwyer

Just mention the word “incontinence” or “bladder leakage” and watch people react. Most people are reluctant to speak about it and many are afraid to even discuss it with their doctor. more


Dementia itself is not a disease, but rather a set of symptoms that accompany specific diseases. more


Advancements in technology have now allowed those with low vision the opportunity to “see” again. more


They were called to be caregivers yet found themselves facing this role with great apprehension and mixed emotions as they considered stepping back into their parents’ lives. more

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Caregiving can begin with a moment’s notice, as Beth discovered. Her elderly mother, widowed and living independently in the Midwest, had suffered a disabling stroke. more

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Rocks and caregiving do not seem compatible in the same sentence or have an obvious connection. more

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Massage therapy isn’t just a luxury anymore and has actually become a vital part of health care practices worldwide. more


The concept of building a care team is not new, yet many families and caregivers are unaware of its importance to their respective roles. more


Parkinson's Caregiver

Iakov Filimonov

Caring for a loved one with Parkinson’s disease at home present an unpredictable course and caregivers must continually seek solutions and a positive direction for the care they provide. more


How do you know when it might be time for a senior loved one to stop driving? more

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Caregiver fatigue cannot be understated. Spouses, adult children and family members alike are susceptible to caregiver fatigue whether they are providing care twenty-four hours a day or caregiving from a distance. more

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Older people often lose what has defined them: family, spouses, friends, careers, and their homes. Reminiscence is a free-flowing process of thinking or talking about one’s experiences to reflect on and recapture significant events of a lifetime. more

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