Jim Mullowney

Jim Mullowney, Founder, CEO: Jim has over 25 years’ experience in the hazardous waste industry and operated one of five licensed hazardous waste transfer facilities in New England. He pioneered the field of Cytotoxic Sanitary Waste. Jim began his career back when it was acceptable for manufacturers to pour chlorinated solvents down the drain. His initial efforts involved cleaning up polluted industrial sites. Later on, he realized that the problem was not just confined to industry but was also about people. His work expanded into post-consumer hazardous waste collection; and then later moved into hazardous waste generated by institutions such as hospitals and universities. Most recently, he concluded that the most toxic chemicals we make are designed to mutate human genes in an effort to address diseases such as cancer. The consequences of these drugs are just starting to be realized. Mr. Mullowney believes that cytotoxic drugs used in chemotherapy are causing childhood diseases such as autism. His background includes a degree in chemistry with a concentration in synthetic organic chemistry.

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