I was hoping to get information about caring for someone with ALS. Gary and I have lived together for 29 years but are not married. more

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I'm looking for information on financial assistance for my sister, who's a family caregiver to our elderly parents in Massachusetts. I don't know where to begin. more

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We would like to take my Mother (wheelchairbound) and father on a cruise from Seattle to Alaska (we live in Seattle) We don't need to do excursions, but wanted family to be able to spend time together more


Hello, my name is Alex and I work as a caregiver for my 92 year old great aunt. How can I keep my cool when she snaps at me? more

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I have a lot on my plate with my 91-year-old dad. I work six hours a day at two different schools. I cannot retire yet. Almost 63 and I have to go to at least 65. My husband is a teacher and gets home after 6:00. more

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A long-term study found that women with certain healthy dietary patterns had a lower risk of moderate to severe hearing loss. The finding suggests that dietary choices may influence the development of hearing loss. more


Ray Harris is the President of Harris Communications founded in 1982. Harris Communications offers a wide selection of assistive products for Deaf & Hard of Hearing for all levels of hearing loss. more


Beyond a television or radio programmed for the loudest setting, the challenges of caring for a person who has lost all or part of the ability to hear are challenging. more


If you find a loved one asking repetitive questions, becoming confused and forgetful, you may think they have dementia, but the cause could be hearing loss. more


Do you find the need to repeat yourself more often than not to the person you are caring for? more


My 85 year old husband can't seem to hang onto hearing aids. One is lost in the back yard leaf/compost pile, more

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My 90-year old parents just moved into an independent living facility in a suburb of Memphis, TN. My mom is largely deaf but uses a cell and an iPad. more

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Many loved ones will not tell their caregiver of an onset of hearing loss, for fear of losing independence. more