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When a loved one’s partner passes away, it can be difficult for them to deal with the ensuing grief. As a family caregiver, you might feel powerless to help, especially when processing the loss of the loved one yourself. Read more


When we think of grief, we generally think of the process and feelings we experience after someone dies. In reality we begin this process on the day someone we love is diagnosed with a life threatening illness. Read more

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Drawing from her personal experience after her husband’s death, One Fit Widow community founder Michelle Steinke-Baumgard offers a 12-week plan to work through grief using the power of exercise. Read more

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It has been said that grief is like a wave that you don’t see coming; one that drenches you from behind and threatens to pull you under. I was nearly pulled under when I was riding up on the elevator for my weekly visit with Dad. Read more

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For some children keeping a journal is a wonderful way to facilitate the grieving process. Read more


Let me first clue-in the reader to the fact that I’m an only child - or I was prior to losing my father and my mother.. I no longer am a daughter to anyone. Read more

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