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As we round the bend towards the end of our First Annual Fall Prevention February, I am pleased by the responses we have received on the initiative. more

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Welcome to the halfway point in our annual Fall Prevention February (well, except on leap year, but that’s another story.) There is never a better time to talk about fall prevention and detection than the present. more

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The Innovative Use of Yoga for Getting out of Bed with Safety and Confidence more

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Activities that take place in the bathroom are a simple part of most peoples’ daily routine. Yet, slips in the tub and falls in the shower or from the toilet may cause serious injuries. more


Statistics show that many preventable accidents occur in bathrooms. Falls are the top culprit in this category. more


Choosing a medical alert system has become more complicated as the available options on the market have increased and the technology has changed and improved more


Older women with urge incontinence may be more likely to fall and fracture a bone compared to women who are not urge incontinent. more


What does it mean and what can be done about it? more


The truth is that a dangerous fall is no laughing matter. more

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