What is the best and most effective way of dealing with questions and concerns asked repeatedly and constantly.  Tips to learn patience in listening and repeatedly answering same question. more

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So, what does the “Senior Living Community of the Future” look like? more

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Caring for an elderly person can sometimes be demanding to the point of taking us to the breaking point. more

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My mother, who moved from her longtime hometown about 200 miles away and into an assisted living, needed to be closer to me. more


Caring for a person with a debilitating illness is often challenging. It becomes all the more difficult when the person is in the throes of Alzheimer’s disease more

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As a geriatric care manager, I am considered an expert in issues relating to the elderly.  However, my mother often takes the advice of friends and even strangers over mine. more


Too often, the decision to move into a family member’s home is made when a crisis develops or as a last resort. more


Tips for Injecting Living into Dying Every day a daughter or son somewhere, or a sister or brother or parent, gets the news that a cherished loved one has been diagnosed with a terminal disease. more


Do you ever think things are going too good to be true and something bad must happen to compensate?  I have always thought that way. more


Caregiving through a Doctor’s Eyes

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Caregiving is universal. It knows no boundaries of age, race, religion, profession or economic status. Caregiving will touch all of our lives at some point along the way. more


Joan, Steve and Ross are siblings who are dealing with the death of their mother.  Her death ended up leaving their father, Matt, living at home alone. The loss of their mother and the grieving they were going through left the family emotionally raw. more


In my 17th summer my Grandpa Golden had a stroke that took away his health and ability to walk or speak, but worst of all, his pride. more


If you’re facing the new role of caregiver, here are some tips to help you succeed. more

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An empathic and clear-eyed discussion of the emotional journey of family and friends who care for people with progressive forms of dementia more

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The Caregiving Trap combines the authentic life and professional experience of Pamela D. Wilson, who provides recommendations for overwhelmed and frustrated caregivers who themselves may one day need care. more

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Purses & Shoes For Sale is about the author's journey as a caregiver to her elderly parents in the twilight of their lives. Packed with suggestions on how to deal with issues encountered by adult children of the elderly. more

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You Don't have to Kill Yourself to Keep Them Alive more

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Some 15% of older Americans experience depression at some point in their golden years. In nursing homes, around 20% of the residents are depressed, especially those living with a serious medical condition, like cancer or heart disease. more


“Sandwich Generation.” caregivers find themselves squeezed in between caring for children and their elder parents or other elder loved ones. more


A geriatric care manager can be a vital part of your loved one's health care team especially if you are dealing with multiple health care conditions or difficult family dynamics. more

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