difficult behavior

Understanding Difficult Behavior

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While being a caregiver to unusual or so-called “difficult” behaviors, it is quite common for persons with dementia to display these types of behaviors... Read more


One of the most anxiety-causing side effects of dementia is wandering. Nearly 60 percent of all people with dementia wander, especially in the middle stages. Read more


As if it weren’t enough to deal with forgetfulness and confusion while caring for your loved-one with Alzheimer’s, but aggressiveness, wandering and paranoia can really put you over the edge. Read more


Don't think Alzheimer's experts know any more than you about Alzheimer's behaviors. They don't... Read more

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Iit is of vital importance to empower the family and professional caregivers with support and dementia care skills. Providing care that yields positive outcomes for both the person living with Alzheimer’s/dementia and the caregiver is very important. Read more

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Safety should be the number one consideration in traveling with a person with Alzheimer’s. Wandering and becoming anxious may be more likely because you’re leaving the familiar routine and environment. Read more