We love our children and we want what’s best for them, but most of us neglect to plan for what will happen to them if something happens to us. Read more

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For some children keeping a journal is a wonderful way to facilitate the grieving process. Read more


I am one among millions of statistically likely only-child caregivers working on my own to provide care within the caregiving community. Read more

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Whether it’s a parent, step-parent, grandparent, sibling or non-relative, children also take on the role of caregivers, Read more


Children with diabetes are the same as any other children in the need for attention, guidance, and love, but they have special needs when it comes to controlling their diabetes. Read more


As an elder law attorney, I am often asked by a parent of a disabled child “How can I provide for my child’s financial needs when I am no longer alive?” Read more


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    holiday visits

    Grandparents Greeting Mother And Children As They Arrive For Visit On Christmas Day With Gifts

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    Caregiver and Senior