Caroline H. Sheppard, MSW

Caroline Sheppard was a caregiver for family members beginning in 1999 ending in 2014. She is the author of When Family Calls: Finding Hope in the Chaos of Long Distance Caregiving. 

She has been a clinical Social worker in community mental health for children and families and a School Social Worker (Retired)

She is also the author of four helping children’s books, focusing on  loss and trauma, bullying and acceptance of differences.  

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The day I received a call from an Emergency Room 200 miles away regarding my older brother, I became a sibling caregiver. This was my fifth family member, whose health crisis catapulted me into being a caregiver. Read more


He’s at peace now No more struggle No more sorrow Read more


Caroline H. Sheppard shares her story with lessons learned and how she was called to oversee the care of five different family members over a fifteen year period from afar. Read more

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