It can be frightening to see a person you care for suffering and not understand what they are experiencing. Understanding the condition that your loved one is experiencing helps you more effectively support and care for them. Read more


Taking care of two elderly parents with different needs was not an easy task. For me it was on the job training that I learned from interacting with the professionals I met along the way, Read more


"She’s awake.” I say to my husband as we watch TV in the living room. He’s in one Lazy Boy. I’m in the other..“Do you want me to go this time? he asks sincerely.“No. I got it,” Read more


  • Eating Difficulties

  • Loved One Nursing Home

    43409912 - meeting with the close family is very important for them

  • Medication Management in Disaster Planning

  • Caregiver and Senior

    Caregiver and Senior

  • feeding soup