After Caregiving

Do you travel with someone with MCI? How to you plan for the event that you have a medical emergency while traveling with this person? Read more


Now that both of my spouses have died following my 15 years of caregiving, I am feeling depressed and lonely and actually missing my caregiving responsibilities. Read more

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I am a facilitator of a Cancer Caregiver Support Group in Ohio. We have monthly meetings at two different facilities in two different counties on the second Tuesday and second Wednesday of the month. Read more


It took her a year after her husband’s passing to muster the bravery to go to the movies by herself. It’s not that she was afraid of going on her own. No, it was the terrible sadness she felt, being forever alone in a world of couples. Read more

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I wake up from a nap. There he is. I emerge from the shower. There he is. Read more


When you lose a loved one, it can be hard to do much of anything, but life must go on. Read more


Let me first clue-in the reader to the fact that I’m an only child - or I was prior to losing my father and my mother.. I no longer am a daughter to anyone. Read more

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Mom sat in her battered recliner.   Her hands gripped the sides of her head, and tears flowed steadily downward as another TIA (Transient Ischemic Attack) rocked her. Read more

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Since my three-year stint as my father’s caregiver I wrestle with socially unacceptable urges to comfort, feed, and water just about anybody. Read more