Beverly Bradley-Colin

My name is Beverly Bradley-Colin. My husband Andrew and I left our New York professional lives as Real Estate Agent and Attorney in 2000 to care for my parents in Florida.

I was blessed to have been given the innate ability to become their advocate and nurse involving all daily living activities. I chose to care for them in their home and mine. We did everything humanly possible to keep my parents safe and secure.

I would be remiss not to mention the incredible support we received from the Treasure Coast Hospice team, (Stuart, Florida), Alzheimers Community Care support group, and the Kane Center, (Stuart, Florida).

Alzheimers Community Care has an annual education conference at the Palm Beach Florida Convention Center where hundreds of professionals and caregivers attend. I shared my true story poem and the room went silent.  Afterwords I was approached by many to say, “I was in tears, you need to be published, contact Todays Caregiver”.

A retired nurse attending this event was sponsoring an Alzheimers fundraiser the following month and she requested that I please recite this at the podium. I did.

My husband and I are still recovering emotionally and physically from the long term and intense caregiving.

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