Caregiver Friendly Awards

CFA 22 Winners

Congratulations to the winners. Join us in letting them know you appreciate all their hard work supporting family caregivers.

The Today's Caregiver Friendly Awards recognizes outstanding books, media, products, and services, which have been designed with the best interest of the caregiver and their loved one in mind. Whether they are a publisher, producer, service provider or product manufacturer, Today’s Caregiver™ Friendly Award acknowledges each of these winners among the best in their industry.


  • remarkable caregiving

    Remarkable Caregiving

    Remarkable Caregiving is a compilation of six true stories told to the author. Meet a law-abiding woman forced to kidnap a loved one, a man who was a “relief pitcher” for his best friend, and parents of children born with disabilities... Read more

  • keep the memories

    Keep the Memories

    “The brutal reality is that people die, and their stuff must go somewhere.” So begins this honest, direct yet caring approach to our loved one’s memories and the stuff that is attached to them. Read more