Caregiver Friendly Awards

2021Today's Caregiver Friendly Award Winners

Congratulations to the winners. Join us in letting them know you appreciate all their hard work supporting family caregivers.

The Today's Caregiver Friendly Awards recognizes outstanding books, media, products, and services, which have been designed with the best interest of the caregiver and their loved one in mind. Whether they are a publisher, producer, service provider or product manufacturer, Today’s Caregiver™ Friendly Award acknowledges each of these winners among the best in their industry.


  • Take A Break Before You Break

    Take A Break Before You Break

    This compact book is easily accessible for the exhausted and frustrated caregiver who needs a boost to care for themselves. Clever ideas and creative strategies make this book a practical tool for caregivers who need to take care of themselves. Read more

  • Some Assembly Required

    Some Assembly Required

    My goal was to write the book I wish I had when I was caregiver to my husband who needed a life-saving organ transplant. I wanted useful information, a dose of hope, and some much-needed belly laughs. Read more

  • Sowing Seeds of Hope for Tomorrow

    Sowing Seeds of Hope for Tomorrow

    This book offers emotional and spiritual strength for caregivers who are discouraged with caring for their loved one with a chronic illness. Read more

  • I Love You Always

    I Love You Always

    My book was specifically written for caregivers.  My mom had Alzheimer’s and vascular dementia.  Before becoming her caregiver, I had been a hospice professional. Read more

  • Before the Time Comes


    Most important for any caregiver is a guide to all the things to consider as you take over your senior’s life. If you begin by talking and sharing with the whole family, you can then complete the worksheets presented in BEFORE THE TIME COMES... Read more

  • See Me, Hear Me, Know Me

    See Me, Hear Me, Know Me

    See Me, Hear Me, Know Me, from The Heart of a Caregiver is a book I wrote about my journey as my husband's caregiver for nearly a decade. I share with the readers what I learned and how to take care of myself while caring for my husband. Read more

  • Handbook of Home Health Standards

    Handbook of Home Health Standards

    This universally used Handbook provides Medicare and other care standards needed for clinicians to help family caregivers to provide person-centered care. Read more

  • Amazing Grace

    Amazing Grace

    A Father’s Lost Letters and Teachings. A Daughter’s Rediscovered Christian Faith. An extraordinary file of her father's written work had been lost for over 30 years before Carolyn A. Brent discovered it hidden in a long-forgotten file cabinet. Read more

  • Senior navigator

    Senior Navigator

    Caregivers needed trustworthy guidance more than ever in 2020, as COVID-19 added anxiety and fractured their support network. With this in mind, the Lindsay Institute's co-founders, Dr. Richard Lindsay and Gordon Walker, reached out to experts... Read more