Caregiver Friendly Awards

Today's Caregiver Friendly Award Winners

Congratulations to last year's winners. Join us in letting them know you appreciate all their hard work supporting family caregivers.

The Today's Caregiver Friendly Awards recognizes outstanding books, media, products, and services, which have been designed with the best interest of the caregiver and their loved one in mind. Whether they are a publisher, producer, service provider or product manufacturer, Today’s Caregiver™ Friendly Award acknowledges each of these winners among the best in their industry.


  • The Family Caregiver's Manual

    Family Caregivers Manual

    How to evaluate priorities, understand options, and face bedrock issues (legal, financial, emotional, social), so caregivers can make wise and informed decisions. more

  • Caregiver Defined

    Caregiver Defined

    “Think of this book as a casserole for caregivers, an awkward but sincere gift left on the doorstep that will make them feel more understood and validated.” more

  • 50 Sanity Tips for Caregivers

    50 Sanity Saving Tips for Caregivers

    You Don't have to Kill Yourself to Keep Them Alive more


  • Essential Puree

    Essential Puree

    The A to Z Guidebook with 67 Pureed Recipes for the Dysphagia Diet more