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2014 Resolution #1

I will learn the value of 'counting to ten'


Question/Topic for December 2013/January 2014

Caregiver Resolutions

Shared by: Judy Kent
Portland, OR

It's about stepping up, if I want to or not, he did for me, and that is what it is all about, and it is not always a good day, but you are still here, so keep up the good work and cause every body has a good day and a bad day, caregivers already know, have a wonderful year, luvs

Shared by: Lola Rain
Rocklin, CA

I will try to avoid making assumptions because in The Four Agreements, author Miguel Ángel Ruiz says it will help us to achieve happiness.

Ruiz emphasizes:

  1. None of us can read minds - you can't read other's minds and they cannot read yours.

  2. Always ask clarifying questions - don't assume you know the truth; make sure to ask and mirror what you heard so you truly understand.

  3. Express what you really want - people can't read your mind. You'd be surprised what you can gain if you just ask for it.


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