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Let's Talk

Welcome to Let's Talk About It.  In this special section we will feature the question/topic of the month and provide an opportunity for an interactive exchange that will help find some answers and possible solutions to concerns. If you wish to participate, just follow the link provided at the end of the question/topic and add your comments and thoughts.

Question/Topic for March 2009

As a caregiver, what is(are) your greatest fear(s) and why. 

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Name: Wendy Peterson
Location: Minneapolis
Date: 03/05/2009
Time: 03:59 PM


I fear that she'll ask again do they mean no matter what I do I'm still going to die? OR - What did I do to deserve this?

Name: Bob Armstrong
Location: FL.
Date: 03/05/2009
Time: 07:09 PM


I would have to say my greatest fear is not doing the best I could have when all is said and done, being a creative individual makes this more difficult, as it is a lonely journey where most people take what the health care professionals as fact. I have found other solutions work but are not incorporated into (modern) medicine and so I find myself doing what I must do to care for my wife, yet it can't be incorporated into the overall picture, and just confounds things. It's difficult, my altruistic nature is put to the test to the point I'm viewed as a quack, lately I've chosen to navigate around those obstacles where altruism fails to survive. Maybe I just answered my own fears as well. Thank you.

Name: ara
Location: cavite
Date: 03/08/2009
Time: 06:43 AM


As a caregiver my greatest fear is my family, for them I have to sacrifice to leave my country for work. I leave my family to earn for them and I don't know that when I come back if they like me or what?

Name: Linda Lancaster-Cox
Location: Halls, Tennessee
Date: 03/19/2009
Time: 03:11 PM


I can tell that the stress of having a disabled person who was a perfectionist, try to handle my every move like a puppet. I must get and put in his hand every thing he eats, drinks, wears, does. And he has to always tell me HOW to do it. He gets out of bed, and goes to his desk, and sits there til bedtime again.... He pees in a urinal at the desk... gets up only to go to the bathroom to poop! There is not a waking 30 minutes that he does not have demands for me to do something.... Doctors try to get him to get up and move around... to walk, but he will not.... talking about it brings on an argument, and more resentment. I will not ask what to do about that.... because I have exhausted all avenues... he is the one that must put forth something, and he does not want to... I just need t o make some time away from him! I am afraid that I will fall apart, and neither of us can make it.

Name: Andrea
Location: TX
Date: 03/21/2009
Time: 11:38 PM


My greatest fear would be dying before my husband and father, they both are in is tube fed and quadriplegic and the other is bedridden also. If I have an accident..who will know it? they will be left by themselves hungry etc. My world is might be a week before anyone realizes they are alone.

Name: Amy
Location: Western MA
Date: 03/22/2009
Time: 01:33 PM


I am concerned that my 86 yr.old mother who lives with me and my family will continue to push us away because she is so negative, often nasty and passive aggressive. She wants to be loved and cared for but does not ask for what she wants or needs and gets cold and mean if she doesn't get it.

Name: Delia Bustillo
Location: Austin, Texas
Date: 03/22/2009
Time: 08:33 PM


My 59 year old brother has Ataxia due to alcoholism and I just began reading about this condition--my most dreadful fear is that his whole life depends on my caregiving to keep him alive---I do not know what to do and how to do the one thing that will keep him alive. My other 5 family members do no want to help.

Name: gerard lynk
Location: truro n.s
Date: 03/27/2009
Time: 03:22 AM


Afraid that they would die in front of me.

Name: Mel
Location: California
Date: 03/27/2009
Time: 07:12 AM


I caregive for my adult son, who has major depression and a back problem. My greatest fear is that the combination of depression and chronic pain will prevent him from ever working again.

Name: Laura George
Location: Georgia
Date: 03/27/2009
Time: 08:00 AM


My greatest fear for my tetraplegic husband and 2.5 yr old is that something would happen with me medically and I wouldn't be there to advocate for them.

Name: Renetta
Location: Los Angels C.A
Date: 03/31/2009
Time: 09:14 AM


My biggest fear being a caregiver is being alone caring for my client when they pass. I would not know how to handle someone passing away suddenly in my care.


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