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 Written In Ink

I just got off the air with Dr. Merle Griff. Merle is the founder of SarahCare Adult Day Centers and was the chairperson of the NADSA (National Adult Day Services Association) when I joined their trustee board. She also has a radio show which airs on WHBC radio and graciously invited me to speak to her audience.  It was actually Merle’s last words on this particular show which caught my attention. She said “As you take out your calendar to schedule your loved one’s doctor’s appointments, take out a pen and also schedule some time for yourself.”  Merle’s point was to schedule it in pen to make sure that it is more difficult to erase from the schedule.

This reminded me of the time that the executive director of my grandfather’s adult day center finally got my Mom to take a break. She told Mom to go to the beach, spread out a towel and enjoy herself for the day. Well, other than being on the cell phone constantly to the adult day center to see how Gramp was doing, Mom did just fine in her first respite day.

Now it’s your turn. Take out your calendar and turn the pages to January 2011. Mark off Jan 3-8th as the days you will be joining us at the first annual Fearless Caregiver at Sea. Partnering with the good folks at Caregiver Cruises, we will present the lessons, camaraderie and support of a Fearless Caregiver Conference, mixed with the rest and relaxation you will find during a five day cruise.

Oh, by the way, make sure you schedule it in pen. This is one appointment you won’t want to miss.


Gary Barg

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