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 Whatís Left Behind

Iíve had the opportunity to think a lot about end of life issues recently.  Last week, I spoke of my dear friend Barbaraís passing; this Monday, I was on a panel of experts who were interviewed for the upcoming documentary Life @ The End; of course, there is the 10th anniversary of 9/11 and the upcoming 20th anniversary of my dadís passing. 

I do hope you take the time to see the documentary. I think the filmmakers struck just the right note, talking more about the relationships of those families highlighted in the film than the inevitable events detailing the passing of their loved ones.

As I see it, when the immediate and intense grief of our loved oneís passing subsides, what remains is the spirit of the moments you created together. These are reflected in those flashes when you feel their warmth as if they are still sitting right next to you, or hear their laughter in the rustling of the trees or even smell their favorite perfume wafting in the wind when there is no one else around wearing the brand. 

What they leave behind is the spirit of themselves that lives within everyone who ever knew them.  I sometimes see my grandmotherís twinkle in my nieceís eye or see my dadís expressions on my brotherís face or even hear my grandfatherís voice coming out of my own mouth, not only in inflections, but in some of his favorite sayings. And although I know that they are not really still here, they never really left.

And for that, I am eternally grateful.


Gary Barg

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