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Water, Water Everywhere

I've been getting a lot of fan mail over the past few months, not for me of course but for my puppy, Morris. (Me, I get the complaints and the bills).

If you remember, he had surgery on his leg on St. Patrick's Day - not worrying too much, but his cast had a receipt from Joe's Pub stuck in it.

Actually, he is doing great, he thinks he is back to his normal active self but the doctor wants three more weeks of slow walking. Tell him that. One thing that has changed though is that he doesn't drink water in the daytime at all anymore (you can lead a dog to water...) I was really worried about it until I noticed that he made up for it at night. I think due to our reduced daytime walking schedule, he is trying to not add any undue pressures to his system until we get home. This canine conundrum got me thinking about the need we all have for proper hydration.

When my dad was ill, it was a challenge to get him to drink enough water so we did what all Fearless Caregivers must at times, we cheated. We would feed him as much foods with water in it as possible, thankfully he liked soups a lot and found Jell-O to be refreshing. One further point I want to make as we work to keep our loved ones well-hydrated, don't forget yourself. Drinking multiple cups of bad hospital coffee is not the same as drinking water, in fact caffeinated drinks serve as a diuretic, If you drink four cups of coffee, you may need more than eight cups of water per day to make up for what the caffeine causes you to lose.

So line 'em up, Joe. I'll have my water to go.


Gary Barg

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