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Waiting for Ernesto

This week, South Floridians prepared for a highly anticipated visitor who never really arrived. As the severe weather warnings took over our airwaves this past week replacing Dr. Phil and even Oprah, we were left to wonder about our new friend Ernesto. While we joined the rest of the nation in mourning the devastation of Hurricane Katrina, we were also worrying about what was in store of us on the first anniversary of her arrival to the Gulf Coast. The questions Floridians faced were simple: will Ernesto arrive as a Tropical Storm or a Hurricane and would he arrive Tuesday or Wednesday. I am happy to say that the impact of Ernesto turned out to be less than anticipated, but served as a good not-so-dry run for us regarding our hurricane readiness status. People treated him seriously and didnít really complain after he turned out to be no more than a lot of wind and water, which leads me to my point about caregiver preparedness.

According to a new study, (The Senior Sentiment Survey) from Financial Freedom reverse mortgage lender, 55% of seniors talk about their family as their favorite topic for discussion among their peers, followed by health issues (52%). Very few seniors discuss end of life issues (5%). I think it is imperative for all families to take a caregiving dry-run and talk seriously with one another about our caregiving and end of life wishes. Then we will be ready to face whatever the winds should bring, be it an Ernesto or a Katrina.

Gary Barg

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