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FROM THE EDITOR'S PEN  / Valentine’s Day for Family Caregivers

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Gary Barg

Valentine’s Day for Family Caregivers: Giving to those who give the most

Nobody in your life is as full of as deserving of love as a family caregiver.  The problem is that we caregivers tend to take ourselves out of the ever important Circle of Care while always making sure our loved ones for whom we care have everything they need.

Caregivers spend time:

Making sure that our loved ones get the respite they need, but never giving ourselves a break

Making sure that our loved ones have all the medical attention they need, but forgoing our own basic checkups

Making sure our loved ones get the nutrition that they need, but grabbing bites after ordering through a clown’s mouth in a drive-through window whenever we can.
So what better day to show how much you care to the folks who care so very much?

Family Caregiver Valentine’s Gift List

Create your own Reverse Gift List for a family caregiver this Valentine’s Day–a great group gift

A homemade Valentine’s card – with a gift certificate to a place you know they enjoy shopping

As one caregiver said when asked what helped her relieve stress, “Chocolate!”

Don’t forget to add a gift for their pet – and/or the pet of the one for whom they care

A day away at a spa – which comes complete with a full day of care for their loved one

Care Coupons for tasks or services that they most need, to be used at their convenience

Sneak a peek in the refrigerator and see what they would like/need.  Fresh fruit, homemade soups, pre-cooked meals - COOKIES 

Time with an exercise trainer at a local gym 

Don’t forget about a gift for the professional caregiver who is helping the family caregiver

Tell us your favorite Valentine’s Gifts for family caregivers so we can share them before the big day.

Gary Barg

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