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FROM THE EDITOR'S PEN  /Unfinished Business/  Editorial List

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Unfinished Business

Happy New Year’s to all. Before we journey boldly together through 2007, I wanted to clear up some unfinished business from 2006. If you recall, way back on December 13th, 2006, I asked for some of the gimmicks, gambits, tricks and schemes that you employ as a family caregiver. You know the little white lies and distractions we must sometimes revert to in order to help us keep our loved ones safe from harm. Well, I have to apologize to those unsuspecting kids somewhere in the world, whose letters (or emails in this case) did not reach the North Pole because of the traffic jam your responses caused. The virtual mailbag was filled with your innovative, interesting and sometimes quite unique tips and techniques:

I contacted my state’s driver’s license division and told them of his poor eyesight...Continued

My husband died 17 months ago from Early Onset Alzheimer’s at the age of 60…Continued

We knew our mom shouldn't be driving AT ALL!! …Continued

My grandmother has dementia…Continued

Tell your parent that you want...Continued

My Father was in the moderate stages of Alzheimer's…Continued

My mother feels safer when all the shades are down….Continued

I tell mom that I will call her parents…Continued

Distraction! …Continued

White lies.  It works on the kids, it works on Mom…Continued

Prior to my father's illness, he had been caretaker for a cemetery…Continued

Pretending to be having…Continued

We will share your tips and tools on a regular basis. If the responses we have already received are any indication of the care, consideration and creativity of our readers, 2007 is off to a very good start indeed. 

Please keep your cards and letters coming 

Gary Barg

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