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 A Time to be Fearless

Anyone who has watched the nightly news, seen their 401-K or stock values plunge or even have been laid off during these past few months, knows that these are turbulent times in our nation and around the world.  As much as any year we have seen this century this is a time to be fearless.  The last time I mentioned this concept of fearlessness in the face of uncertainty was right after the horrific events on September 11th, 2001.  Those days seem so very long ago now, but I remember that for a while at least, we all gathered together and supported each other. In a trip to New York shortly after the attack, I off-handedly asked the gruff looking gentleman who was ringing up my bill at a deli, “how ya doing? ”He took a long moment and answered, “I’ve been better” instead of the requisite “good, how are you?”

Along with the early sense of hope and fresh start that any new administration can bring to Washington, I think the way we get through our tough times as a nation is to do what fearless caregivers have done for ages – communicate. We have learned that the best way to care for our loved ones is to share our concerns and fears with our fellow caregivers and not give in to the temptation to isolate yourselves. The same thing goes for our role as citizens. Well get through these times in the only way we ever get through any challenges – together.

By the way, as an example of just how far I am from the seat of power, last week I spoke of the new DTV rules that are to go in effect on February 19th. The next day, President-Elect Obama spoke of extending the deadline. Oh well.



Gary Barg

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