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 Time and Space

Fly me to the moon or at least let me remember watching as the Apollo 11 astronauts flew there. We received some great responses from our question regarding where you were 40 years ago on July 20th, when humans first walked upon the moon. (All of you young whippersnappers, under the age of 45 or so, can just sit this one out.)

Your responses were like a snapshot of life in the late sixties, from new brides, to recent college graduates, to soldiers in Southeast Asia. For the sake of full disclosure, I was 13 years old and spent the day poolside at the Americana hotel on Miami Beach. My family and I along with seemingly all of the people on the beach gathered around a small black and white television set in one of the hotels cabanas to watch the landing. With regards to the rest of our Caregiver Media Group family, my brother was of course with me at the beach, Nancy our erstwhile editor was at camp in New Jersey, our webguru, Heather was a first grader in Jamaica and our administrator Bobbie, was in New Hampshire working for a CB radio manufacturer (“breaker, good buddy.”)

As for our readers:

Thanks for our "input." I had graduated from high school in June of 1969…
NSAD Cua Viet (3 mile from the DMZ)…Continued

I  am a lucky one that you gave me a little time to respond. …Continued

I was living on Shaw street in Pasadena, TX…Continued

I was being born.  I will be 40…Continued

I was in Panama City, Florida w/my college roommate…Continued

I was a sophomore in college when the Apollo moon landing occurred…Continued

I send your newsletter on to my sister in Wyoming…Continued

Join us on the road this fall during our Fearless Caregiver Tour and let’s remember more of the golden oldies together. Now, please excuse me as I take a long overdue nap.


Gary Barg

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