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 This Time We Are Serious

If anyone reading this article watches television, please raise your hand.  Hmm, well that seems like everyone, with the exception of that guy way in the back with his nose buried in the book.   In that case, I guess you all know about the major change hitting the airways this month   No,  not Conan taking over the Tonight Show or the new season of “I’m a celebrity, get me out of here”  (doesn’t being on that show by definition, mean that you are no longer actually a celebrity?)  What I am talking about is the real-true-final date for the switch to Digital Television. If you remember, in a previous article I wrote about the date being delayed from earlier this year.

For those with cable, this is less of an issue than the rabbit –eared among us, but it still needs some attention.  One thing I learned recently (of interest to us in the hurricane-swept south) is that unless your battery powered televisions are DTV ready, they will only pick up lovely static when you need them the most.  I suggest taking a look at the sometime before June 12th to see if and how this switch will affect you and your television watching.  Maybe the guy with the book has the best idea after all.

Oh, wait a second, it’s an electronic book. Never mind.


Gary Barg

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