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The Teenage Years

This week, twelve years ago,   I installed the AOL 2.0 system upgrade floppy disk into my Mac computer,  dialed up to my internet connection, and after what today would seem like a  lifetime of waiting, finally saw the very first version of our web community,  

As enters its teenage years, many things are different but much stays the same.  From the first days, we have been proud to serve as the online backyard fence over which caregivers can share their life stories, concerns, solutions and maybe even a cup of tea. With today's broadband connections,  access has not only become faster but instantaneous, and although the number of caregivers visiting on a regular bases has grown exponentially, the sharing has not changed at all. 

Between this newsletter, the local sections, the caregiver  forum and information specific channels,  caregivers can still find the latest information, advice and community that have always been provided, just a whole lot more.  But no matter what nifty new  bells and whistles that are added as technology improves, I still believe that the real value of lies with the contribution of those who visit. Thank you for making our online house a home for these many years.  Wait till you see what we have in store for you as we enter our thirteenth year! 

Hmmm, what do you get a twelve year old these days?


Gary Barg

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