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The Nashville Star and the
Well-Asked Question

Last week at the third annual Nashville Fearless Caregiver Conference, I did what I have done at each of the previous 103 conferences Ė I learned from my fellow caregivers. Since one of the main goals of the event is to demonstrate the importance of asking questions as a caregiving tool, each event takes on a life of its own based upon the questions asked and answered throughout the day.

Last year in Nashville, there was much wisdom shared about the issue of our loved onesí ability to remain at the wheel of their automobiles. This year, much of the conversation during the expert Q and A session revolved around medication adherence challenges. And although we had an outstanding panel of healthcare experts, much of the wisdom shared came from our audience of family caregivers.
For example, one caregiver had taken our pharmacist panelistís (Dr. Shane Reevesí) advice to heart last year and made sure that she was aware of all the medications prescribed to her husband by all of his doctors. She kept up her scrutiny even after he moved into a long-term care facility and was surprised to see that his medications were accidently doubled on the charts.

By remaining aware of his medications and asking questions of her new facility care partners, she was able to avert a certain healthcare disaster. Now, that is a question well-asked.

Gary Barg

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