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The Letterbox Overfloweth

As my letterbox (showing my age) is overflowing with responses to recent columns, I thought it would be a good idea to share these caring words of wisdom. And now, words from some true caregiving experts—your fellow Fearless Caregivers.

We are already receiving replies from yesterday’s missive on respite solutions:

I have wind chimes, spinners, wind divas, and "rainbows" inside and outside my home. All I have to do is listen and look to be carried away to a peaceful and relaxing place. I can take as many of these "mini-vacations" as I want without any "baggage."
D. R. 

I am the caregiver for my husband who has lost the cartilage in both knees; therefore, he is not very mobile. I have no family nearby so everything is up to me. I try to get away for an hour at a time by walking in the early morning, while it is still somewhat cool. It gives me a little break. I am not able to do this every day, but when I can, I enjoy being outside with nature.
P. W.

Three words: Adult Day Care
K .S.

Since last Saturday was World Elder Abuse Awareness Day and May was Elder Abuse month, we discussed elder abuse in a column.  Here are those incredibly impressive responses: 

I work around elders daily; however, this is a personal story…Continued

It’s good advice to call police, but people should know that calling an Area Agency on Aging can be very effective…Continued

In response to my rhetorical request for information about TENS units:   

A TENS unit is used for pain control and works very well…Continued

My mother was issued a TENS unit in 2002 to help with the pain of shingles…Continued

By the way, here are the impressive responses to the Caregiver Communique that discussed the three important words for any caregiver to know: Who’s your supervisor? 

I think this effectively proves that as a Fearless Caregiver, some of your best advice will come from those also caring for loved ones. All you have to do is ask. 

Go ahead. I’ll wait.


Gary Barg

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