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It's That Time of Year Again

Well, we have found ourselves in the midst of another holiday season, with its eggnog, turkey and family visitors, yet if you are responsible for the care of loved ones, the holidays can present some special challenges.

Allow me to present some useful Holiday Tips and Tools:

  • If someone in the house is in a wheelchair, unsteady on his or her feet, cannot make good judgments or be left alone, it is important to keep decorations low-key.

  • Don't move the furniture around

  • Be sure cords aren't stretched all over the place or presents piled in the passageways.

  • Make sure priceless heirlooms are safe and out of the way.

  • Blinking lights can tend to confuse some people.

  • Have someone stay with the loved one while you shop.

  • Delegate relatives and friends to bring food (Nothing wrong with potluck!) And, don't forget catering can be an option.

  • Have Uncle Ted sit with dad while you take a bubble bath or read a few chapters of a novel.

  • And my favorite, tell your handy dandy grandson, Dan to make sure to bring his tool kit

  • In a crowded situation, don't play "handoff." Be sure you, as the primary caregiver, know where your loved one is and if they need anything. Some loved one's wander and this is the perfect time for them to slip out the door.

  • It is also important to maintain your loved one's regular sleep patterns and not let them get too tired.

This goes for you too, too!


Share your Holiday Tips and Techniques

Gary Barg

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