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Terry Talk

Last week, Terry got lucky. She emailed me to ask about concerns that she and the members of her support group have about new rules enacted by the group’s facilitator. Well, Terry certainly came to the right place. I believe that she actually set a record for responses, both in amount and variety of opinions.

If you want to know something about caregiving it pays to ask the experts – your fellow caregivers. Your answers for Terry:

Find another organization to sponsor your caregiver support group, if that's possible…Continued

Unilateral decisions are never good…Continued

The unilateral decisions outlined and implemented by the Facilitator are understandable...Continued

My first thought is how can one eliminate a gender from a group…Continued

Terry, I'm a woman who takes care of the sick and elderly…Continued

I am just finishing a third year where the non-profit I work for has provided a Caregiver Support Program...Continued

This is not advice for Terry, only an idea...Continued

Gary, with regard to the caregiver group that is referred to and meets where the rules have changed…Continued

#1, first, the members of this group will make changes according to the needs of the Group…Continued

With these responses, you have reinforced something I believe with all my heart: that this is one of the most giving support groups in which I have ever taken part. I am truly proud to be able to do my small part in sharing your words of wisdom with one another.



Gary Barg

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