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 Talking Care

Winging my way across the friendly skies after spending the day in a room filled with highly motivated family caregivers in Connecticut, I feel free to reflect on the day.  The event in question was the third annual caregiver appreciation day hosted by the good folks at the Eastern Connecticut Health Network.  And the event certainly lived up to its name.  After my session, the caregivers were feted with a terrific lunch and then able to have a massage, visit with make-up experts, play with two lovely service dogs (guess what I chose to do) and/or continue a conversation with yours truly.  I believe that most attendees availed themselves of all of the above choices. 

During my general session, I discussed the Reverse Gift List and asked them to write out an abbreviated version which we could share with one another.  I have found that when I ask this of a group, there does seem to be a similar theme running through the conference room.  In past cities, it has been asking people to help with the laundry, getting handy friends to do small fix-it jobs around the house or even, grocery shopping.  This day, nearly every answer pertained to talking.  Asking the kids to call their caregiving or care recipient parents, having friends stop by to chat or my favorite, the lady whose worksheet stated:  Son as a person she trusted to help and calling when her husband was watching the ball game so they can share the experience, as the thing he can do to help. The next line stated:  daughter-in-law as person she could trust and talk as the thing she could do to help.  Except in this case, there was one extra line which stated: too much.  When I asked her what that meant, she said although she would want her daughter-in-law to call to talk, she usually talked too much.  Oh well, who said you canít have too much of a good thing?    


Gary Barg

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