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 A Spoonful of Sugar, Indeed

Further proof of the distance between my seat and the seat of power: A law to delay the nationís transition to digital television (that I mentioned in the first newsletter of the year) is wending its way through congress as I write this missive. By the time you read this, the house will have voted on supporting (or not) a delay from late February to June. The senate already approved the delay. To most of us, this means little; but to those with analog television sets, you will get four more months to procrastinate.

This past weekend, I got together with some friends of mine from Canada who I havenít seen for many years. We met at a restaurant on Fort Lauderdale beach; but for those living through this ice storm that is making its way across the country, you can pretend that we were in the Yukon Territory. Anyway, as we sat watching the beach (iceberg), the topic of conversation came around to patient advocates. Many hospitals are starting to offer customer service through a staff person called a patient advocate. One of my friends had been in and out of the hospital over the past few years and was talking about how much better his hospital stays had become once his hospital hired a patient advocate. Then again, he believes that his situation may have been somewhat unique since (seriously) his patient advocate's name is Julie Andrews.


Please share your stories about dealing with hospital patient advocates.

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Gary Barg

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