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Speaking with an Angel
I donít know how many of you are late night TV watchers, but I hope you did not miss Larry King last night. He had Della Reese on as a guest and she announced that she had recently been diagnosed with diabetes. She was on the show with other celebrities who have been living with diabetes including Wilfred Brimley, Jerry Mathers and John Ratzenberger (whose son is living with diabetes).

I was quite moved by my own interview with Della (cover interview July Ė August 2003), but am really thankful for her talking about her diabetes diagnosis last night on CNN. She makes it easier for me to remind caregivers that we are all human as well. I know that we are in the doctorís offices frequently as we care for our loved ones, but when was the last time you went to the doctor for a complete check-up yourself? 

Dellaís appearance last night should make it obvious for all of us that caring for ourselves is ďJob OneĒ for any caregiver. Who will step up and care for you and your loved one if you fall ill? And the solution is really quite simple, when you make the appointments with the doctors for your loved one, just remember to make at least one annual appointment for yourself. As diligent as you are in gauging the health of your loved one, you must be equally diligent (and honest) in gauging your own health. 

Basic diabetes symptoms
Type I: 
Extreme thirst * dry mouth * blurry vision * frequent urination * weakness and tiredness weight loss

Type 2: 
cuts or sores that are slow to heal * itchy skin * yeast infections * blurry vision*increased thirst dry mouth* frequent urination *leg pain

But, if you havenít had a complete check-up from your physician in over a year, or you feel ill in any way, put down this email and reach for the phone now to make that appointment. Donít just take it from me - consider yourself touched by an angel.


Gary Barg

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